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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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I feel sorry for the designer who was clearly asked told to make this concept work, and almost certainly tried to convince them otherwise.


They tried their best and maybe even convinced themselves it didn't look too bad in the end.


And now they have to look at social media and see their work get destroyed. 


It's not a nice feeling, I know it well.


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10 minutes ago, Dudley said:

If I understand their livery choice they believe racism is now about 25% solved.


Ha yeah


Cue a twitter storm about the black on the engine cover slowly being replaced by white.

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2 hours ago, Dudley said:


That might be a because rather than a despite.

The car design equivalent of how loads of bands knock out the best track of their career after saying “It’s taken 10 months, but that’s the album finally done. We’ve still got half a day of studio time left though. Shall we just see what we can come up with lads?”

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6 hours ago, ryodi said:

Alpine’s livery is fine I guess, it’s a nice shade of blue.


Last time we witnessed sculpted sidepods in that shade of blue, they were on this dog turd:



Admitedly the actual intakes are much higher up, but the view from overhead looks similar.

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The numbers in the Merc will be almost completely pointless when the car is moving, you can barely see them when it’s static. I thought F1 was trying to do some American / NASCAR thing with the numbers/drivers as a brand.

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19 hours ago, mexos said:

The Mercedes graphic design shit fest continues:





Is Jenson driving for Merc this year then?


I wonder how much drivers are paying for their initials/race number logos, almost every driver seems to have one nowadays.

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