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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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Just now, Blue said:

I can never understand what Tsu is saying.


I am overdriving the car. I am angry that my extra effort means I am slower than Gasly who I am better than. Angru.


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Looked like Riccardo didn't make the line for his final lap there.


Really good from Ocon, showing his qualifying pace from 2018 a bit more. Norris still can't get Q3 quite right :(, looked like the track devolved for his fresh set maybe. Leclerc managed it though!

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One of those tracks where pole seems to be on the wrong side; if they’d been the other way round Hamilton would have kept first, as the car on the left needs to be about one and a half car lengths clear to come out of the corner in first place.

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6 minutes ago, ryodi said:

Max’s starts have been so much than Hamilton’s this season. I assume Hamilton will sit at 2 seconds behind until the pit stops.

Meanwhile, Bottas just sits behind a car that’s a second slower.

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