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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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Just now, jonamok said:

If Verstappen wins it from here, he will have earned it*. And I’ll cheer him on.


* unless he’s a dirty wee fucker in doing so, of course.


Well given "Passing another car" is now "Dirty wee fucker" it's going to be tricky certainly.

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Got rid of some of the random chicanes.  So turn 5 used to be about three or four corners, and the section after one of the straights has been turned from two/three corners into one long left hander.  Opened up the bridge section but that does not seem too major.


Only minor changes, but from my time racing the track on Codemasters games it looks a lot more flowing.

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I like to think "what if there was a wall there"


Hamilton left the door open, Max took the opportunity, Hamilton would have tried a switch back, not eased the brake off and drove over the runoff (wall..)


The gap went from a couple of car lengths and about 4 tenths, to over 1 second.

Could have been the difference between DRS and not a lap later, or even a non-DRS pass into 1.


It's done now (as is the championship) this track is virtually impossible to pass on


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Just now, Moodmon said:

Is there any way those hards last the entire race?


Unlikely well, and only by being more careful than Lewis has to be.


What he would really want to do is medium/medium and drive like qualifying.


But he doesn't have new mediums.

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