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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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This is a really nicely flowing circuit now isn’t it. It’s always had potential, as I’ve always thought it was the nicest looking of the desert Tilkedromes. I think it looks really nice to drive especially now they’ve got rid of those Mickey Mouse corners just before the hotel. 

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4 minutes ago, kiroquai said:

If he reaches turn one in P1 tomorrow then Mercedes are in big trouble.


As long as Hamilton doesn't get swamped by the soft tyre runners around him and is still in P2 I think it's game on. Barring any convenient safety cars / red flags Hamilton can just sit behind him and wait for him to burn his tyres out. If he ends up fifth after lap however I think its game over. 

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If Ham can keep it 2.5 secs behind Max till he pits, don’t try to battle to keep his tyres in good condition and go long he can make it work. 

Max would have to do a very long stint on the hards on a one stop. Or blitz it on a two and hope he can overtake on this circuit. 

I don’t think Ham has to try and overtake Max at the start. What he absolutely has to do is stay infront of Perez.


If Bottas wasn’t so useless Merc could run him long to run interference. Even a few tenths could end up making the difference.

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One imagines McLaren could be getting some very cheap engines next year if they do a job…


I can think that Redbull would want to be on anything other than the same tyres as Mercedes, the cars are clearly closely matched and its very risky to bank on Max getting a clear pit stop ahead of traffic before he has to bin off the sorts - If Lewis or Lando can hold on or even pass him on the opening laps its a hugely compromised race for him.

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