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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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2 minutes ago, Corranga said:

Can they ask Horner to go to the stewards at every race so we don't have to suffer an interview with him?

I’d like listen to him any day over Wheatley. That guy is a cover star for Punchable Face magazine.

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28 minutes ago, ryodi said:

I assume this is for his comments about the ‘rogue steward’ before the race. I assume it’ll just be a fine


Yeah, the FIA are very protective of the marshals.


Not enough to stop taking advantage of free labour from the most important non-drivers in the entire sport and pay them mind but they'll thoughts and prayers their little hearts out for them.

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1 hour ago, layten said:

Perez and Bottas are the opposite of each other. Perez cannot qualify for shit but usually goes well in the race, while we have all seen another example of Bottas' race craft this weekend.


Bottas is still the better number 2 tho, he gets far too much stick really but its quite easy to quantify as he has more points than Perez in the car that’s generally been not as good as him number 2 rival/


1 hour ago, ryodi said:

That along with this being the biggest sporting event ever in Qatar despite MotoGP being here since 2004 is pretty bad as well. 


MotoGP isnt anywhere near as big and both vastly eclipsed by the upcoming blood money FIFA World Cup!

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I’m not sure Bottas is the better of the two right now. Both of them have been a country mile off the performance the team needs from them, but Bottas has been particularly useless. Saturday pace is worthless if you drive like he does on most Sundays. At least Perez knows how to overtake.

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