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Formula One 2021 - DRAMA - #Michael Messy

T Pot

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3 hours ago, SweatyTravolta said:

I mean, you'd be a bit pissed off too if two races in a row you're number one driver had been merced on the track. Most useful Bottas has been all season. 


Aside from the championship shittiness going on at the top that's a cool top ten to see. 


I'd have some sympathy for Red Bull if they were in any way an organisation that deserved it. Lando I feel sorry for because he had a mega start ruined by Bottas, same with Leclerc and Danny Ric being taken out by Stroll.  But it's racing, these things happen especially on damp tracks, or even dry tracks if we're at Monza and both drivers have been penalised for it. It's bot like Bottas is known for this kind of mistake, the last time I can remember him doing something similar was when he t-boned Hamilton in Bahrain in 2016. 


This does make Spa interesting. It could be Hamilton, Norris and the Red Bull's in a drag race down the Kimmel straight with Bottas completely out of the picture. 

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31 minutes ago, layten said:

Fucks sake Aston Martin.


I think fuel violations have always been a DSQ except for in the final race of 2007, where - can’t remember if it was Williams or Sauber - they only gave them a fine so it wouldn’t hand Hamilton the title instead of Kimi several hours after the race.

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1 hour ago, layten said:

Sainz gets a podium. Monkeys Paw Edition.


50% of Sainz's podiums have come after a driver finishing ahead of him has got a post race penalty. Four trophies but only two trips to the podium ceremony if we ignore the McLaren team only one he had at Interlagos. 

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Doesn’t it seem like red bull is a toxic place to work ? Vettel is genuinely a nice guy but I always remember him being a dick the nice guys always get screwed there

webber,Ricardo etc 


max was great early on in his career but know he’s just a spoilt brat his dad should show him how to act I always remember him being a nice guy 

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41 minutes ago, Lyrical Donut said:


They just went and tarnished one of the best races I've witnessed in a some time.


Fucking Incompetent Arseholes.


You're presumably talking about Aston Martin there rather than actually blaming the people enforcing the rules for entirely enforcing a rule correctly.

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Yeah, it's a long term fairly obvious rule, you have to be able to hand over a litre at literally any stage, they couldn't.  It doesn't really matter if the car supposedly had 1.4 in it (which is what I presume the appeal will hinge on) they couldn't prove they were using legal fuel. Therefore, they are treated as if they weren't. 

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