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Cyberpunk 2077 - Photo thread! [OPEN SPOILERS]


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What's that, it's repost time? Go on then. I'll even throw in a few new pictures.



Blinding Industry



Sometimes I Just Come Out Here To Clear My Head, You Know?



Compounding An Error



Night Moves



I Contemplate A Riot


(the main takeaway is that, when the light hits right, Cyberpunk can look something special. All taken from PC; 2080 Ti, 3700X, 16GB RAM; RT and mostly max settings. Originally at 3440 x 1440, scaled and cropped for the forum)

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9 minutes ago, Nobuo's Organ said:

I can't get rid of this stupid helmet because it has a +loads defense mod on it and I haven't unlocked the perk to keep mods when you disassemble stuff yet :facepalm:

I've stopped wearing all hats - they're all shit and some even change the hair style, which is fucking stupid. 

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16 minutes ago, SharkyOB said:


Also, my character appears bald if I look in a mirror whilst wearing a hat.

Yeah, that happens to everyone. As much as I am enjoying the atmosphere and the story, this is getting nowhere near the top of my GOTY list, it may not even make my rllmuk top 5 list. I'm veering off topic here, but Keanu's mostly been a let-down, proper phoning it in - reminds of me of Pierce Brosnan's performance in Everything or Nothing. 

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10 minutes ago, Thor said:

@5R7 Film grain is spoiling those shots ;) What res are you playing at? I'm at 1440p on the exact same setup as you have.

i put the grain there on purpose! :P its to create a lo-fi look of using an old film camera.


and also 1440p, with the dlss on ...performance i think...


might just up to 4k dlss quality when i want to photo, wont be able to do much else at that res lol

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