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Watching games live on Twitch

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Yeah Bittertoad sums it up nicely. I've watched a fair bit of Twitch and I watch a lot of Youtube gamers. There are tons of quality streamers (from people with a tiny number of subs to popular streamers with thousands) who are geniunely fun to watch, or funny, or are good people - who aren't arseholes or constantly self promoting. I particularly like watching people playing story-based games or horror games to see their reactions, especially games I've played myself. I've had hours of entertainment watching other people enjoy stuff like the Zero Escape series, Danganronpa, FF7 Remake, Observation, horror games like Visage, or Alien Isolation. For FPS its fun to watch skilled and entertaining players doing games like PUBG, Apex Legends or Overwatch (and tournaments on those games as well). For some games its cool to watch people play games where your choices affect the narrative (like Until Dawn for example) so you can see how things might play out if you don't want to redo it yourself. And you can do all this whilst you're having lunch, or doing a chore (I watch streams when washing up for example), or when you might not have the mental energy to game yourself late at night after a long day at work.


Another thing streaming is great for is to watch games you would never normally play and in some cases I've found games I've gone on to buy and enjoy myself.


If anyone wants recommendations for good streamers/Youtubers to check out, just ask here and I'm sure we can give you tons of good channels to check out. 

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4 minutes ago, ZOK said:

That did make me laugh...’do you like Cameo?’


I don’t know Overwatch, was he building walls in the way of his own team or something?


Yeah, he's creating the blue ice wall that blocks both enemies and your own team from getting through. In that case it all kicks off because the guy he's trolling is using the hamster ball character who relies on swinging from beams and escaping, so he's blocking him off so he dies. This is why Mei is such a great character to troll your own team. I found that clip kinda funny but generally I find Limmy a bit obnoxious, though he can sometimes be pretty funny and I've seen a few decent lets plays by him. Each to their own though, that's the beauty of streaming!  

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Yes I guess it is obnoxious, but that’s the nature of griefing! It is just being a dickhead at the end of the day and seeing people explode.

Classic ‘you gave him exactly what he wanted’ though! :lol:

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22 hours ago, revlob said:

I don't think I'll ever understand why people watch others play games. Even if the person playing the wasn't a masive tryhard, I would just rather play a game, and yet so many streamers are absolutely awful people. Obviously, I'm an out-of-touch decrepit old man, but when there are so many good games to play yourself, why are people so fond of watching loud obnoxious youths scream obscenities at each other?


Just like any other topic that might interest you, you need to find someone that works for you.   I've found a youtube channel that plays games from start to finish at a normal pace, no speed runs. He doesn't tend to talk at all.  It's perfect for games that I am interested in but not enough to buy them and play myself. 

I similarly watched a twitch streamer last year play through Final Fantasy Remake.  I was interested in the game but not enough to throw full price money at it.  Put it on in the back ground on the TV and noodle about on the laptop doing other stuff. Watched it on a series of broadcasts over a week. 



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12 hours ago, Mafro said:


Limmy used to troll on Overwatch (go to the timestamp in the title, it's brilliant)



In this Overwatch situation I’m normally one of the four other team mates with a muted mic muttering ‘every single fucking match’ to myself.

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In recent weeks, I've taken to watching user participation interactive game shows on Twitch (users royal_flush and at_bash) and it feels like something special that should be far bigger than it is. They play both original games or remakes of classic games (e.g. Millionaire/Countdown/Blockbuster/1 vs 100) made in Unity. Audience participation is either through the hotseat, generally via voice through Discord, and/or mass multiplayer through the Twitch chat. It's really fun and compelling. They get 50-100 users, which seems low given the sheer amount of effort put into them and how entertaining it is.

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