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The Game Awards 2020 - Tonight at 11:30pm UK time


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Good to see Glen Schofield make a spiritual Dead Space succesor. Also intruiged by Perfect Dark and It Takes Two.


But Returnal is the game for me. I adore Housemarque, I love sci-fi and I know more about this game than I can share. But it's gonna be so good.


Sony just released a new trailer that's different from the one at the show and it's ace.



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Why the hell was that 3 hours long?

After the waste of time that was the Summer Game Fest and now this, Keighley needs to have a serious think about the term “less is more”, as his face is now synonymous with over-hype, filler and disappointment.

3 hours. He should have just knocked it on the head this year or done something way more stripped down.

Normally I’d give the more cynical aspects of The Game Awards a pass, as despite all the advertising and forced hype, it’s good to see the devs all suited and booted and having a good time, getting recognition for their work.

But this year it was hard to tell who this was actually for, other than Geoff and his “brand”.

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Honestly who the fuck is Geoff? 


Every time I hear him speak or contribute to anything I just think who is this generic cunt and why is he talking to me? He appears to be a man of no discernible talent or inspiration - neither particularly bright, interesting, funny, informative nor engaging on any level.


I don't mean to be disrespectful, I'm just trying to be as accurate as possible. 

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I think the TLOU2 win is well-deserved - it's my GOTY- although, given all the stories about crunch and so on, I'd definitely question Naughty Dog winning best studio.


The announcements seem a bit meh, to me. I was hoping for something on Silksong and/or Elden Ring. Disco Elysium for consoles and the voice acting update is cool, although the summer release for Switch and XBox seems ages away.

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