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The Game Awards 2020 - Tonight at 11:30pm UK time


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Hmm, couldn't stand their two previous games, but at least this one isn't tackling historical events with all the insight of an A-level student, so I'll try to keep an open mind.


Edit: not giving these fellas the benefit of an open mind, though.

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I sort of admire how thinly Geoff "Eyes of a Killer" Keighley lays on the veneer of "awards show". Quick ol' lists with no suspense just to get them out of the way for more adverts, a sudden totally coincidental massive advert for something that just happens to have won the previous awards, and "we care about minorities (:" stuff plastered with adverts and sponsorship. It's quite impressive.


The one about mental health with Facebook involvement was wonderfully ironic.


Edit: oh wonderful, coming up soon an irritating, probably racist YouTube cunt. 

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