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Blomkamp's Demonic


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Blomkamp was supposed to make The Inferno action thriller with Taylor Kitsch this year, but production was put off because of a global pandemic. So he and the studio switched gears and shot a new smaller, more nimble movie in isolated British Columbia with some Canadians. No name or details yet, but apparently a supernatural horror. Heavy on sci-fi and VFX, which is to be expected. Something he's always wanted to make. Should be finished in spring.

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Film has a name now, Demonic.



The plot centers on a young woman who unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed.


Due out on 20 August.

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Not quite sure where to put this, but thought it was interesting:




Neill Blomkamp has joined the terribly-named startup game developer Gunzilla to act as 'chief visionary officer', which seems to involve providing some kind of narrative input into their upcoming game - a multiplayer shooter. I've never heard of the dev before, but they're based in Frankfurt so understandably seem to have a lot of former Crytek people on board.


Interestingly, as well as having Blomkamp on board, they've also got Richard K Morgan (author of the Altered Carbon books, who has also worked with Crytek and EA in the past) as scriptwriter, as well as someone who used to write for Ubisoft. How much narrative does a multiplayer shooter need? But then again, Fortnite is a multiplayer shooter, and that does interesting things with its storytelling, so that feels like a bit of an outdated question.


I would personally love to see Blomkamp's visual sense being put to work in a videogame, but probably not a multiplayer game. So many developers have ripped off his style over the years, and it would be good to see what could be done with the originator of that aesthetic. Not quite sure the remnants of Crytek are the people to do that, admittedly.

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That literally tells you nothing, it talks more about his other films and projects that fell through than it does the movie it’s so supposed to be reviewing. 

Edit. Ignore me -I didn’t realise I had to scroll through 4 pages of adverts before reaching the rest of the review :lol:

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