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King of Fighters XV -PS4/5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Q1 2022. [Open Beta on PS4/PS5 this weekend]


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A short teaser trailer for KOF XV has been released. It shows concept art for Kyo, Benimaru and Shun'Ei. Shun'Ei was introduced in KoF XIV and will be the protagonist for the new game's story.


They say it's the most ambitious King of Fighters yet but they don't clarify whether or not that's a good thing.



Leona and K' can be seen as line drawings in this teaser too:



Update 8th Jan - first trailer:



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So excited for this game. Please don't have the signature crappy SNK netcode. Please make this one the time they get it right and convert to the church of Rollback. Pleeeeease. Not surprised they've made Shun'ei the protagonist. He is the most try-hard attempt at a cool young person I've seen in a fighting game. One leg of his jeans slightly rolled up. He doesn't play by anybody's rules. He's really fun to play in 14 but is suuuch a prick.


I love KOFXIV so much, I hope they keep a lot of the mechanics and design decisions intact as that game is a blast to play. Be nice if they worked a bit harder on balance also, as the games tend to end up with a pretty horrendous group of OP top tier characters. Some of the later patches for 14 were the most positive steps I've ever seen them take in that regard, so I'm more optimistic than usual.


I also hope it's really pretty. Samurai Shodown makes me hopeful of that. Its important because a lot of people rejected 14 outright for looking like a PS2 game at launch. It's never my primary concern with fighting games, but KOF is niche as it is, particularly in the West, so first impressions are very important. Also 13 is gorgeous, so 14 felt like a big step backwards in visuals.


Lastly, I am desperately hoping that Sylvie Paula Paula makes it in again. Kensou and Athena are almost guaranteed to be in there, but Sylvie is definitely a borderline one. I'd love my 14 team to remain intact. Come on guys, don't let me down. Bee-Bee-Beeeep.





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She is gloriously terrible. I love her to bits. Aside from that, I have rarely had more fun playing a character. I love her mobility, her very Streetfightery normals, her high/low mix-ups, and her combos are incredibly satisfying to perform. All of the combos there are the best she can possibly do in the second position for the meters spent, such was my dedication to maximising her potential. She is the perfect storm of joyous to play and instantly enraging to all who behold her/have to listen to her. The corner one for 4 meters where the second super hits OTG got people sooo maaad. She's also a low tier hero character, as if the deal needed to be sweetened any further.


The visual design bit is made even better by the fact that there is a real person she's modelled on, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who actually goes about looking and sounding like that in real life:




The only change I'd have made to her in 14 is that if you use a PS4 pad all of her noises should come out of the controller speaker. If that happened I would switch from stick back to pad.

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Stolen from resetera: rumours are that these are leaked screenshots from KoF XV. Art style doesn't seem worlds away from KoF XIV if so, but it's definitely cleaner and how it looks in motion is the important part.






Additional leaked screenshots appear in this gematsu article. Confirms a 2021 release window:




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Looks somewhere between 14 and Samurai Shodown. Looks fine to me. I've already accepted that they'll never make one as beautiful as 13 again. Seen some comments that it looks "the same" as 14. It has a very similar art style certainly, but by no means does it look the same:




I'm hoping in motion it looks good enough to stop people writing it off like they did with 14. 


I'm buying it anyway though. If it plays somewhere close to 14 I will love it. :) 



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On 08/01/2021 at 03:39, JLM said:

Trailer is up now:




First 3D KoF that I like the look of. KoF2002 and KofXIII still being my favourites, but this one looks like it might be the step into 3D the series needed.


... wait what? Hibiki in Samurai Shodown?!  scanners.gif  :omg:



Awesome trailer!

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So happy to see Meiten back. One of my friends plays him and spent an eternity trying to learn his very difficult max damage combos in 14, often getting extremely frustrated when he dropped them at key moments. He landed them when it mattered the most though, when our team won grand Finals of Rival Scenes 2016. I can still feel the hype from this conversion from the air EX dive kick :D 




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On 14/01/2021 at 06:00, joffocakes said:

A (little) bit of gameplay is shown in the new Shun'Ei trailer. Hard to get a feel for the flow of it as its uses really rapid clips chopped together.




OK. Shun'ei actually out-Poochies Yun and Yang.

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That's what he looks like, but in the interviews I've read with the developers, they were originally going to create a traditional Chinese character but decided to make a "cool" one instead. They were inspired by cool and fashionable young people they saw in China, and thought he reflected cool/hip Chinese youth more accurately than a traditional Chinese look. I hope young/hip Chinese people are appropriately offended. There is definitely some word play potential with his name and the Chunibiyo term though, so perhaps it's a nod to both, I don't think I've seen the devs actually confirm it's intentional though.


I could tolerate almost all of it if he would roll that jeans leg down. 

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  • joffocakes changed the title to King of Fighters XV -PS4/5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Q1 2022. [Open Beta on PS4/PS5 this weekend]

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