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Assetto Corsa Competizione | rllmuk GT World Challenge | Season 3


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Season Three of the rllmuk GT World Challenge is here!  Competitors will take part in a series of sprint and endurance race weeks; with a winner crowned the overall GT World Challenge champion.  This season will feature the inaugural 'Blue Riband' event; a 2 hour Endurance race (venue to be confirmed).


In a change from last season, both sprint races (on a sprint race week) feature a qualifying session.


Provisional Schedule



The 'race start' time signifies the in-game time of day that the race session takes place.  The 'Temp' value signifies the base average ambient temperature for the race weekend.  In reality the actual temperate for a session may vary due to the use of dynamic weather; but this value can be used to help dial in a base tyre setup for the weekend (in single player or the multiplayer server).


NOTE:  This season features the 2020 version of the tracks (including Imola as the opening race) so the latest DLC is required to take part.


Car Selection

Can competitors make a commitment to a choice of one car for the duration of the league, and design a custom livery from the editor (rather than selecting a real life team livery).  During the early season races, a car swap will be allowed if anyone feels like they made a mistake with their original choice.


Scoring System

Points will be awarded as per the below table.  For ‘Sprint Cup’ events, points will be available for each of the two races; ensuring the same number of points available from week to week.




Two points will be awarded for the best qualifier and two points will be awarded for fastest lap (1 point for each sprint race).

No points will be scrubbed this season, so all weeks have point scoring potential.


Weather Simulation

The server will be configured (as best as possible) to simulate realistic weather conditions.  Ambient temperature will be set to the average daily temperature on that circuit, at the time of the year that the 2020 GT Challenge Series race was hosted there (which is how Kunos have simulated the day/night cycle for the tracks), or the 2019 season if no 2020 was held at the venue for that round.   


Time of day (session start time) and changing weather will affect the actual temperatures you see on track; but in single player modes using the ambient temperature noted in the schedule combined with the time of session start should somewhat emulate track temps you should see on server.


I'll be using the developer post below as a guide...



The aim is to allow for some variance but without hitting those 'guaranteed' values.  For example, for Imola (and other tracks which experience low chance of variation at the time of year) I'll be using values in the lower end of the 'conservative variation' category but with the rain level dialed down.  For tracks that experience more variation in real life I'll use values more towards the 'anything can happen' category.  The conditions that I aim to target will be reflected in the opening post of the league thread and updated at the start of each week.


Endurance Race Regulations and Timings

  • Practice
    • Time: 19:00 until 20:15 (75minutes)
  • Qualification
    • Time: 20:15 until 20:30 (15 minutes)
  • Race
    • Time: 20:30 until 21:30 (60 minutes)
    • 1 mandatory pit stop (for fuel and/or tyres)
  • Conditions
    • A 4x time multiplier will be applied to endurance races; so expect quicker than average change in track conditions (day/night cycle, air and track temps, and weather variation).


Sprint Race Regulations and Timings

  • Practice
    • Time: 19:00 until 20:15 (75 minutes)
  • Qualification 1
    • Time: 20:15 until 20:25 (10 minutes)
  • Race 1
    • Time: 20:25 until 20:50 (25 minutes)
    • No mandatory pit stop
  • Qualification 2
    • Time: 20:55 until 21:05 (10 minutes)
  • Race 2
    • Time: 21:05 until 20:30 (25 minutes)
    • No mandatory pit stop
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How To Register

You can enter the league at any point during the season, or you can register for entry to our multiplayer server for league races or even just practice during the week.  To register, send me the following by PM:-


  • Your preferred driver number
    Check out the current entry list below, and choose any unused number (maximum 3 digits).
  • Your Steam ID (ID64)
    To find out this number, go to the following website: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup

I'll respond back with the server password that is required for entering the multiplayer server.


Current Entry List

The entry list noted below signifies the current drivers registered for access to the server.  For registration, select a number not used in the below list.





Accessing the Server

To access the multiplayer server:-

  • Select 'Multiplayer' from the main menu
  • Select 'SERVER LIST'
  • In the search box, type 'rllmuk' and hit ENTER
  • The server should show in the results list:-
  • Click 'CONNECT' to join
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