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Let's play Fantasy Phil! You're Phil Spencer and have access to a big wedge of cash, what do you spend it on?

I'd buy Sega Sammy and put out a special version of the Series S in Japan with Sega branding (Series Sega?). Start bringing back some of the classic Sega franchises with a real focus on quality, like SOR4. Sega games would be released on Switch (when feasible) and Xbox, and support cross platform play/ saves. That way the mass market can still play the games and there's an easy introduction into the benefits of Game Pass and higher fidelity gaming on the Xbox in Japan.

What would you do?


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Bring back Poker Smash and then give it to everyone using an Xbox or Windows PC as a Christmas present whenever they update the OS around December time. Like when Apple gave everyone that U2 album. Except there's no option to uninstall it or remove it from your library. It's there forever, for everyone. 

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I'd pitch a Ready Player One game to Ernest Cline that actually licensed a huge chunk of the properties that appeared in the book and film, so that you could have a Gears of War level that involved the Ghostbusters and the kids from Stranger Things turning up through a dimensional portal and teaming up with them and Master Chief to fight the Collectors from Mass Effect, and then once Cline was in my office to hear my pitch I'd batter him round the head with a stapler until he promised to stop writing books, and fucking watch/read something a bit more challenging.

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1. Short stock

2. do my best.

3. Ruin it.

4. Profit.



SEGA is a great shout. Rebranded special SEGA edition S, super smart. Love it.


Get a great exclusive AAA game released every 6 months, and a great small arcade experience released every 3 months. (Size of games can shrink massively, when game pass is at play - no more pointless padding). Hold last gen ports back 3 months so people think of the X/S as exclusive. 


Publically come out against microtransactions/loot boxes, and other anti-consumer and child exploitation. Strip it from games, and don’t use it to maximise game pass value. Introduce a MS of seal of quality and make it an age-restricted opt in on the system menu to allow them. 



So as I said, ruin it.



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