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Capcom Retro Station - mini arcade device for Street Fighter and Megaman fans; March 2021 (Japan)

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As per my updates below; the Capcom bit is only the licensed games - the device is manufactured by TRON...



Google Translation of the product description:



Includes all 10 titles from CAPCOM's popular games, Mega Man and Street Fighter !! Equipped with a high-quality speaker with super-heavy bass on an 8-inch large screen, it is a powerful one just like an arcade.

[Product Name]

[Product Description]
A home-use game machine that contains a total of 10 titles, 5 titles each from CAPCOM's popular game Rockman MEGAMAN) and Street Fighter!

[Recorded title]
■ Rockman (MEGAMAN) series: Mega Man The Power Battle, Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters, Mega Man X, Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man & Bass (JAPANESE CONSOLE VERSION) ■ Street Fighter series: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II'Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

[Body size]
329 mm x 280 mm x 315 mm Model




E: apparently there was a price on the page before (¥21,780 or just under £160) but it's since been removed

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  • Qazimod changed the title to Capcom Retro Station - mini arcade device for Street Fighter and Megaman fans (nothing but an Amazon.jp page at the moment)
  • Qazimod changed the title to Capcom Retro Station - mini arcade device for Street Fighter and Megaman fans; March 2021 (Japan)

A few extra details from CNET Japan (excuse the Google Translating)



The new game console " RETRO STATION " containing Capcom's "Rockman" series and "Street Fighter" series will be released in March 2021. Designed, manufactured and sold by TRON, which has been licensed by Capcom, it will be sold by Toyaku. The price is 19,800 yen (excluding tax). We have started accepting reservations from December 25th. The exterior design inspiration for RETRO STATION comes from Rockman and the CRT display. It is a fusion of Capcom's theme color and LOGO design. It features an 8-inch 4: 3 LCD display, customized joysticks and buttons, and two acoustic system-level deep bass speakers. You can also enjoy nostalgic game music while playing classic games. 10 titles are pre-installed on the main unit, and the original soundtrack of some game titles is also built-in. As a peripheral device, the arcade stick "RETRO STATION FIGHT STICK" is sold separately. A gameplay that allows up to two players at the same time on the same host. The price is 6280 yen (excluding tax). In addition, "RETRO STATION PVP DONGLE" will be released, which allows you to wirelessly connect two RETRO STATIONs and play against each other. The price is 3580 yen (excluding tax).


Images of the FIGHT STICK and PVP DONGLE:




So, er... The Fight Stick is their solution to letting you play something like Street Fighter in 2-player mode without having to buy a second Retro Station device? But if you have a second Retro Station device you can play over wireless? It's a nice compromise, but it still seems like a kind of bonkers project. :D 

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Official site: http://www.retrostationarcade.com/en/index.html



Spark from the MEGA MAN. The RETRO STATION comes from an elegant design which will recall you the old days and the best memory with MEGA MAN and STREET FIGHTER. With the very MEGA MAN style out-looking, the RETRO STATION has special customized full-size joystick and buttons in a proper overall size, and a high quality 8 inch 4:3 LCD display, 1024*768 resolution, to provide you better user experience for retro games. Meanwhile, RETRO STAION can also output HD quality video to a big screen via HDMI interface.


The RETRO STATION has a special sound cavity design, and dual 10W super bass speakers to provide you high quality game audio effect. You can enjoy some built-in game OST with this MEGA MAN sound system.


Want to play with your friends? You can use the RETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK to play 2-player games with just one console. Or you can use the PVP DONGLE to make wireless connections between 2 RETRO STATIONS, and play 2-player games also.


SCREEN: 8’ 4:3 LCD Display, 1024x768
SIZE: (mm)W238  x  D270 x H234
AUDIO: 2*10W super bass speakers
Audio Output: 3.5mm stereo jack



RETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK: A well-designed fight stick for the RETRO STATION.

RETRO STATION PVP DONGLE: Make a wireless connection with 2 RETRO STATIONS (no more than 10 meters distance), and play together.




On 23/11/2020 at 13:42, Qazimod said:

apparently there was a price on the page before (¥21,780 or just under £160) but it's since been removed



- this price is back on the JP Amazon listing, as well as a date of March 31st.

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