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Sackboy: A Big Adventure - surprisingly great!


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I got given (the money to buy) this for Christmas, and it is indeed great fun. I don't know that I'd have spent £60 of my own money on it, but it's a very solid and charming platformer (a little bit too twee in places for sure) with some great levels.


And there's challenge here too, for those that want it. The various timed challenges throughout will present some issues, and the levels after you defeat Richard E Grant the last time are bloody tricky. Recommended.


As a couch co-op game, it's good fun also. There's a few levels specifically designed for co-oping, but you can co-op everything. My wife and I have hammered it over Christmas, and she's really enjoyed it.

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I bought a code for this off a fellow forum member (cheers again, @FozZ) some time ago, and finally started it today.  I haven't played much so far, but based on what I have, I completely agree with the general consensus that this is surprisingly great, and the soundtrack is fantastic.


I don't suppose there is anyway to import costumes from the LBP games?  I can't see anything in Zom Zom's to suggest there is.

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I think I've grabbed every orb in this with the exception of the final Knitted Knight trial. Boy, that's a stamina test. This was really good! I co-opped the whole game with my wife, we had a blast, and then there's enough extra bite in some of the challenges to make you try.

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I saw this got an update today. Seems that they're adding some kind of competition mode, with costume prizes:





Every Sackboy Knit-Speedrun Challenge lasts one month. You can play as many times as you want, but only your fastest run will appear on the leaderboard. We'll introduce a new challenge and prizes every two months, turning the previous rankings topsy-turvey. Get ready to zip to the top!




1000 Collectabells

Anywhere (Requires only participation during a Challenge Period).



Challenge Squire Rod + Bronze Tier Prize

Top 50% or higher



Challenge Commander Staff + Silver and Bronze Tier Prizes

Top 30% or higher



Challenge Captain Baton + Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tier Prizes

Top 15% or higher



Challenge Herald Lance + Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tier Prizes

Top 5%


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What a charming game. I really liked Tearaway on Vita and this is obviously quite reminiscent of that.

Looks really nice - some of the detail and attention to detail of the animation is insane. Soundtrack is kind of amazing in places, and the way some levels work with the music makes it really fun- just done a level called Flossed in Space and it just made me smile.

 I’m not saying it’s a classic by any means but it’s a nice gentle diversion in between runs on Returnal…

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3hrs in and it’s getting better. Boss fights are imaginative and interesting, some good ideas and different ways to play from level to level. 
 It never fails to make me smile when I’m playing a level and something about the music gets me interested  and I realise it’s a version of a famous song. 
 There’s been SO much care and attention put into this game it’s incredible

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3 hours ago, Eighthours said:

I'm definitely planning to buy this when it's in a sale.


It's actually gone on sale digitally today - it's currently £42.59 which may be further reduced if you can get yourself some reduced credit. 

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You can currently get 50% off this digitally by using a promotional code. It's the first time I've seen something like this with the PlayStation Store, but apparently the deal is in partnership with the YouTube channel EZScape.


Note that the discount codes are case sensitive. You'll see a field to enter them during the checkout process.






That brings the UK price to £30; slightly less if you buy discounted credit. The cheapest it's been previously in digital sales is £42.60.

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32 minutes ago, Paulando said:

Lovely, cheers! UK code said it had expired, but I used the other one on my US account and it worked, and it only cost me £21ish.

That's a shame. I used the UK code just before posting.


Some people on HUKD are saying that deleting and retyping the final character of the code made it work, sometimes taking a few attempts. Not sure why that would be the case – some kind of concurrent usage limit? – but worth a try if anyone else gets an expiration message.

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