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Tom & Jerry - New Live/Animation Hybrid Movie

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A hotel is to host a huge wedding, but Jerry is about and they don't want a picture of a mouse in their hotel on social media. So Tom gets hired to take care of him. You know what happens next.


Humans are played by Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost and Ken Jeong.



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16 minutes ago, Stigweard said:

I actually like how they aren't CGI


They are :huh:


I think this looks horrendous and cheap. It's so bizarre how Roger Rabbit still looks better, it's because of the lighting/shadows. 



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3 hours ago, gospvg said:


That is exactly what I thought! What short straw did she pull out to get this gig?


I'm thinking it's more an emotional tie. Like she has a really good friend whose helped her a lot in the past and they have a brother involved in making this Tom/Jerry movie, probably was sold a pack of lies like 'It's gonna be edgy like the lego movie' etc but ultimately just really felt like she would be helping out a dear friend of hers.


It's something like that, we'll hopefully find out within 5-10 years hopefully.

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