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Wong Kar Wai (World of WKW boxset coming soon)

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The Doyle cinematography is integral to the experience of these films. 2046 is pretty much all cinematography and it's my favourite after Happy Together. Damn.

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One of the cinematographer’s fondest memories of working on Chungking Express was of Faye Wong, who was then well on her way to becoming one of Asia’s most successful singers. With little acting experience, the movie would be her big-screen debut. 


“Every time we shot a scene with Faye, she would just walk off set and get into her car,” Doyle laughs. “Because she thought she’d done her job. But that is not how films works. We’re not Stanley Kubrick. We don’t do 50 takes for everything. But sometimes you need to have another look at what’s going on. But to Faye it was like, ‘What do you want? I’m here. I’m Faye Wong and this is what you get.’ I thought it was quite refreshing. Like, ‘Fuck you! You want me? This is what I can give you.’ Sometimes that is the right attitude. Instead of getting obsessed with this and that.”



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Anyone else now seemingly unable to read Wong Kar Wai without doing it to the tune of UK Hun? by United Kingdolls?



Ding dang dong


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