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Playstation-exclusive Driver 2 gets an unofficial PC port, running at 60fps

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I love how well the art style holds up, it really highlights what great work the original artists put in. I unironically think it looks better than most modern open world games - not on a technical level (obviously), but in terms of achieving a clear mood and style. The desaturated tones, the heft of the vehicles, the slightly grimy feel to everything, all give it a strong ambiance, an actual filmic quality that most "cinematic" games fail to achieve.

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:lol: Why not? shrugs

I love the choice PC affords. Super Mario 64 pc port, the Fan made Metroid 2 remake and countless other mods or reverse engineered project’s.


I had a quick play last night and the driving model is actually still quite fun.  I’ll keep an eye on how this project develops. 

EDiT:  the nightmare of the Driver 1 training level had come flooding back.:lol:


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The team are on record as wanting to celebrate the barge-handling of those cars, whereas I think modern openworlders cast you as having supercar-racing prowess, and thus afford vehicles with the capacity to realise that.


I thought GTA4's handling was quite good, but the game had a poor sense of speed, so you always understeered before it felt visually congruous. I rode the Sanchez as much as possible, because the danger of falling off helped attune me to the poorly conveyed speed.

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