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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.

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25 minutes ago, sofasurfer said:

Well Argos have really let me down, no movement on my order at all and with no text/email I can only assume I'm not getting one from them at all. Thankfully a friend who I had pre-ordered in Smyths for has been gracious and let me have his. He only wanted one on a whim but is happy not to be spending so much near Christmas. I feel I owe him a few beers.


Smyths was odd, only 1 person in store at a time and I had to take off my mask to confirm my photo ID.


As for the machine, the setup was quicker than I expected and had time for a quick half hour on Watchdogs that looks so much better than the One X version.


Amazon have also been so I now have the Plug and Play kit, blue controller and Ac Valhalla to keep me occupied.


Argos never sent me any emails or texts like they were supposed to.. It took me getting angry at them to actually get a tracking number after 5 attempts. 

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For those expecting a DHL van mine actually came in a UK Mail van (so not a yellow van, a white one).


Also, out of posses for today because of this thread, awesome stuff and I hope those still waiting get theirs soon.

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6 minutes ago, sprite said:

What time did they say they would deliver versus time of actual delivery? Dare I nap?

It was about 12:45. Initial estimate was 11:15 to 14:15 so pretty bang in the middle. Usually they push it back through the day and come at 8pm. 

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1 hour ago, Mr Tony said:



For delivery on Friday. :hmm:

We need an empathy button enabled for certain threads or posts :( That sucks, man.


I'm honestly astounded reading this thread how bad Amazon has bungled it. It was one of the contenders I had in mind when I was trying to nab a pre-order.

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10 minutes ago, sprite said:

DPD delivered a parcel here

a second DPD van came and delivered over the road (this was our usual DPD driver, leading me to think they do have extra folk working today)

Royal Mail have just delivered to a neighbour

i got home and a white van was on the drive. It was the window cleaner.


Anyone else wanna swing by? UPS maybe? DHL?

Parcelforce now. FFS

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Went for dog walk, stopped for a quick chat with this guy, he has a few Xbox’s in the back but not mine. He kindly double checked his list then drove past me another 4 times while I walked a long road. He even turned into my street which had me jogging the last 5 mins to catch up but whizzed past my door. A pointless story for people from NI waiting till Wednesday. 


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Have to say, Amazon seem to have fucked this badly by all accounts. 


My experience with curry's of all people couldn't be better. Like most retailers that aren't amazon they treated it as a special thing separate from regular purchases so you get the free next day dpd delivery etc. Amazon don't do anything special so I would surmise they just ran out of delivery slots or something. My copy of Valhalla from them came via Hermes - I NEVER get Hermes from Amazon. 

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dhl finally gave me a slot 16:50 to 17:50 for Series S at house 1

Amazon slot updates to 1245 - 1545 for Series X at house 2


but just now the tracker map kicked into action for Amazon - 3 stops away ... COME OONNNNENEEEEENNNNN!



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12 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

I'm looking out my rear window


1 minute ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Still looking out my rear window


Just now, Mr. Gerbik said:

A few neighbors have spotted me and some of them have waved

Is one of your neighbours Samuel L Jackson?

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