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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.

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 Still no tracking number from Argos. They emailed that it is coming via DHL and a tracking number would follow in the evening, but nothing has arrived. Oddly, the emails from them with these updates appear to be from the sender "Important Information" rather than Argos (at least that is how it appears on hotmail.com)

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1 hour ago, Mortis said:

My order says it’s been received at the Edinburgh distribution centre - only an hours drive from here so I expect to see it about 9pm. 

Is that from Amazon?

Mine has dispatched now. 
Hermes are delivering it.

At 11.26pm it arrived in Rugby.

Do they know where Dundee is!? 

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Woke up just now to a curry’s email asking to complete a Reebok review, they’ve sent no emails besides it’s dispatched so far. At least get the thing delivered first before asking how it went.


Anyway, the precious cargo has been delivered to the Dartford depot at 01:10 and then again at 01:12 for good measure, hopefully I’ll get a time slip in the next couple of hours.

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1 hour ago, BubbleFish said:

Woke up early to go to the gym (honest)


Still nothing from Currys/ DPD. Last update was yesterday at 1430 saying they had it and it was on its way to their warehouse... 

I wouldn't be too concerned, I've had that with DPD several times before, most recently when I had an electric scooter order it arrived at their warehouse (on the other side of Glasgow) at 9am and had it in my hands at 12:30.


The arriving at warehouse is the last stage before it goes onto the delivery van.

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Going to chat to Argos again at 8am


I dont think I'm going to be as polite this time. And just want a straight answer 


Not been able to sleep either. Combination of worry, feeling shit and someone snoring. 


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Argh me and a friend ordered from the same Dutch equivalent of Amazon. Both our orders are scheduled for today, both arrived at the same delivery service. His is scheduled for this morning, while mine is still listed as "received" and for "today" without a time table. Argh.

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