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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.

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33 minutes ago, LowCostMonkey said:

Starting to get a little worried. I've not heard a single peep out of Curry's of any kind. Well, not since a month ago when they took the money in full! I think it's because I tempted fate by booking the day off tomorrow.


Same here. No emails since the order was confirmed.

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Is there anyway to tell from amazon tracking number which courier they are using?


Mine starts with QA


Just trying to work out what sort of clusterfuck to expect. My fucking Hermes driver has changed to a more aesthetically pleasing but less careful/efficient one - not a trade I am happy with...


I knew I was jinxing it by even mentioning mine was a good guy!


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Just now, KartoffelKopf said:

Amazon use their own logistics service. 

not always they stil use Hermes/DBD/royal Mail depending on the package etc.


if it is Amazon's own then I look forward to either no delivery window and no map tracking idea OR a delivery window that changes constantly with a map tracker that may as well be NORADs santa tracker for all the accuracy it provides!

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31 minutes ago, spaceman said:


Ten minutes later. I get the email.


Snap! Was starting to get a little antsy :omg: Then at almost exactly the same time I got the email from Currys, I got an email from MS to say my Series Play and Charge kit had been posted. I mean, you know, not quite as exciting as the first email, but I mean it's all good stuff.

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1 minute ago, djbhammer said:

Anyone else just popping to a shop tomorrow to collect their shiny new toy or is it just me that is old skool?  ^_^


I always order in store, takes away the dread. I didn't with the XSX as I envisioned a lock down scenario in which I couldn't collect, boy that was a mistake.

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44 minutes ago, BarryL85 said:


Still the exact same, wtf is going on. Says on "my orders" page it is arriving tomorrow still.

My brother ordered via Amazon. Just helping him on their chat now as he's the same as you- no updates other than an email at the weekend saying he'd get it delivered on day of release.


So far Amazon havent given me any confidence. Latest from the chat is its not out yet and wont be allocated until they get stock- despite what they said and others are seeing.  Bit of a shit show.


My own order was via Curry's. Currently not much better as its been sitting at "we have your parcel and its on its way to our depot" since Saturday and of course there's no fucker to actually talk to.

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