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Xbox Series X | S Dispatch thread.


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3 minutes ago, Pockets said:

It funny how people have been doing this for nearly 20 years and over time consoles have gone from finding their place in our bedroom set-ups to finding one in our Ikea cabinets in our middle class front rooms.


One of the first things I did after getting back from our honeymoon in 1994 was go out and buy a SNES, which I set up in pride of place* in our new living room. We've lived in three different flats or houses since then and there has always been at least one console under the main telly in every one. And yes we are still married!


*hooked up to our 14" portable which is all we had for the first couple of years.

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12 minutes ago, Mortis said:

Email from Amazon saying Wednesday for delivery - mild panic inducing but I’ll hold fire to see as the website still says Tuesday and the initial email said launch day. 

Same here. Wednesday actually works better for me, but I assume they're just being cautious, not that I'd blame a delay goven current circumstances.

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As a side point, it amuses me that on the Amazon order page there's a little button under the picture of the Xbox that says "Buy it again"


As if it were cat litter or something. Though ironically if I placed it out and exposed the cat probably would see the monolith as something he should definitely spray on.



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All is saved, the wife got the text from Argos as it was ordered on her account, she just sent me the message saying about the tracking number being with me by this evening (she was between patients but found the time to send me the message as she is an awesome wife).

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