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Let's Play: Kirby Super Star


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Cavios is soundtracked by the Cocoa Cave theme, which is always welcome, and we begin with Kirby crashing to the ground at speed on his Warp Star, landing in front of a cave entrance. To begin with I pick Beam Kirby and create a Sir Kibble (Cutter) partner, then go all the way to the upper boundary and to the left in case there are any secrets, before eventually entering the cave. We start by going along a narrow path and taking out some regular enemies, going up and down vertical paths patrolled by invincible spiked enemies and quickly encountering the Chef Kawasaki miniboss from my November 9th update in the Dynablade playthrough. He doesn't really get a chance to cause much trouble, and the Beam ability's charged shot is good for damage dealing, so we take him out fairly easily and move on. There are paths forward and down, so we drop down and eliminate some regular foes, then head up and forward to see what's happening over there. We end up in another miniboss encounter - this time against Poppy Bros. Sr. - but again Beam makes short work of his lifebar, and we can grab a Maxim Tomato immediately after the battle.


We drop down for a while and can head right to encounter the Bonkers miniboss - he doesn't pose much of a threat as long as we stay out of his attack range... however, he drops the Hammer Deluxe Copy Ability, so if I wanted to I could go back to some of the earlier levels and see if I'm able to find any stumps to hit. Before moving on, I backtrack left to find the Jukid miniboss - we get through this but take a few hits and lose our abilities, so I reassign the Beam ability to Kirby and create a Waddle Doo partner. If we go left, up and around we can find a variant of the Mr. Frosty miniboss who just kind of jumps around and doesn't manage to get out many attacks before we defeat him, and if we continue going right and sticking near the upper half of this area, we can find Iron Mam / Iron Mom - she takes out my Waddle Doo partner, but they collide during the death animation and I get a Knuckle Joe partner out of it. After so many bosses Kirby's a bit low on health, so we head forward and down some ladders only to find a stump with some food items (and a 1-up) in an inaccessible area above it.


I switch to my new-found Hammer ability and hit the stump, making the pickups fall down, and I grab them all. I return to the beam ability and try to reach the lower-right corner of this area - I can head left from here and eliminate some regular enemies and collect some health items - the path to the left is pretty narrow so we can't really deviate from it, and it ends with an battle against the Bugzzy. Kirby does get hit with a dash into a grab, but for most of the battle Bugzzy stays in one place and I can use charged Beam shots against him. Defeating Bugzzy opens up a door to a new area - a bomb block above allows water to pour down and create a large area we can swim around, but swimming can be slower than regular movement. So when we find a switch-activated door below the water and the switch near the top of the area, we have to move quickly to get to the door. We're led to a room with some food, a Maxim Tomato, an Invincible Candy and the Stone Deluxe Copy ability (which would have been useful for that timed swimming sequence we just did, as the stone moves faster downward.) This isn't a boss fountain, however, as the door simply leads back to where we came, so I grab the Invincible Candy and exit, heading up and right, then down towards a Maxim Tomato and the actual door to the boss encounter of Cavios.


Here, we end up facing Wham Bam Rock again, but having Deluxe Copy abilities makes the encounter a little easier than it was back in The Great Cave Offensive. Knowing that there's a phase with falling rocks where I'm likely to take damage, I quickly select the Parasol ability and create a Parasol Waddle Dee partner; at least this way I can block some of the stuff that falls on Kirby. With Wham Bam Rock defeated, our next destination on the map is Mecheye... although as I mentioned earlier, I might revisit some of the other areas in between updates in case there were any stumps that led to interesting areas...


Current status:
Game: Milkyway Wishes
Area score: 130'200
Abilities: Cutter, Fighter, Ice, Parasol, Beam, Sword, Jet, Bird, Copy, Hammer, Stone
Visited: Floria, Aqualiss, Skyhigh, Hotheat, Cavios

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The Mecheye stage begins with a sequence where Kirby zips through the sky horizontally and crashes through the wall of a small room. There's not much to see in this room aside from a door, so I select a partner (Parasol Waddle Dee) and ability (Sword) and then go back out of the way we came in. There's a lot of empty sky to float around when you're not in the room, and so I do a quick search in case there are any Deluxe Copy Abilities hanging around, or doors leading to rooms with Deluxe Copy Abilities, or whatever. After finding nothing, we go through the door and do some simple platforming - there are deadly drops if we fall off the bottom of the screen but I'm not too phased by that; we float past some indestructible spikey foes and into some of the usual "DKC barrel cannon knock-offs". They end up blasting us to the right and through a wall, and we find another room we can float around. From a quick search around the top I can't see a way in, but I can see a 1-up, Invincible Candy and a food item in the room, as well as a bomb block near the wall and a door in the room that might lead to progress. I attack the bomb block in the hope that it would destroy one of the walls and let us inside the room to grab the pickups and go through the door. In reality, the blast destroys the surroundings of the room - the ceiling, floor and two walls. So in summary, most of the items fall offscreen (including the 1-up; doh) but the door is still there. Fortunately, the door was standing on a small platform, and when the Invincible Candy was no longer resting on anything, it fell down and landed on the platform in front of the door... so it's not a total loss. I backtrack a little bit before committing to the door, but I don't find anything and so I press on.


Going through the door, we end up in a new area where we can grab some food items and take out some regular foes. We come across a switch blocked by walls around it, but we can hit it with an attack that passes through walls, such as the Beam ability. I hear some things exploding, but other than create a route downwards I'm not sure what the switch was supposed to do. I drop down, left and back up to loop around, then head right and up where I find a door to another area. Here, there are some Yoyo-wielding enemies and an elevator, but I don't know if this is hard progress or not, so I head back out. I drop down, go right and find another switch I can hit through the wall, giving me access to some food items for health, then I run into another timed switch sequence where switches open doors for a set length of time and you're supposed to hit them in such a way that you can pass through them all before they close. It's not too tricky - the switches and doors are all very close together and you can reach the switches with the Beam ability's attack - and we can create a path forward to some food items and a door to the next area.


We find ourselves in a room with a single elevator and some health items - the elevator goes up through the middle of the room, and on either side are exits to smaller rooms where we can fight old minibosses - the Mr. Frosty walrus, the martial artist Jukid, then Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy and Poppy Bros. Sr. After all of these, the next room pits us against Bonkers... only, when we defeat him a door appears. Rather than try the door, I take the elevator up again in case there's anything else to do in this elevator sequence. Sure enough, it makes another stop - on one side of the new "floor" we can find Iron Mam / Iron Mom, but if we defeat her, she leaves behind the Plasma Deluxe Copy Ability! Furthermore, if we go to the other side of this floor we find some Plasma Wisp enemies and a breakable wall; going through here, we can pick up 3 1-ups and a Maxim Tomato! Satisfied with this discovery, I take the lift back to where I found the door from before, and enter. The boss music plays, and Heavy Lobster returns (having previously appeared in Revenge of Meta-Knight.) It could just be because we have more offensive options than we did in RoMK, but he seems a lot tamer than he did in that minigame. He charges into us and fires some flames at us, but a few charged plasma shots quickly bring this encounter to an end. After the "stage clear" fanfare, we're on the map again - the starry trail directs us to Halfmoon, but before moving on I went back and played through Mecheye again to see if there was anything in that room of Yoyo-wielding enemies. Sure enough, you can go to the lower-right corner of the room to find a door to a room containing the Yoyo Deluxe Copy Ability, so that's nice.


Current status:
Game: Milkyway Wishes
Area score: 53'200
Abilities: Cutter, Fighter, Ice, Parasol, Beam, Sword, Jet, Bird, Copy, Hammer, Stone, Plasma, Yoyo
Visited: Floria, Aqualiss, Skyhigh, Hotheat, Cavios, Mecheye

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From the map, we move on to the next area, Halfmoon. We arrive on a Warp Star as we ascend up to another starry stage, and we land in a small area with a door above us. I select the Plasma ability for Kirby whilst keeping Parasol Waddle Dee as my partner, and we head in. We end up in a windy section (yes, in the stars) where we're blown from left to right. Enemies pass by us as we fly along, and there are no platforms or anything that looks like a ceiling or a floor. I wanted to drop down whilst floating along in case the screen scrolled down to reveal any items I might otherwise miss, but I was nervous about falling out of the stage to my death, so I stayed near the top of the screen instead. We find a door that leads to the next area, which starts out in a very similar fashion – a large, open area where the wind blows us from left to right and we avoid incoming enemies without knowing where the bottom of the stage is. However, this time we end up flying into a solid wall, so I carefully drop down whilst moving against the wall, only to take damage. It turns out that the wall has electric blocks that shock and damage Kirby (and partner) when touched, and if we go underneath the wall there are more electric blocks floating in midair. The wind blowing us to the right, combined with the electric hazards, is a dangerous combination, and my partner quickly dies whilst I carefully go lower and keep moving right until I find some solid ground. I let the wind carry me to the right until I find a new door, and move on.

Here, we have a minecart sequence in a new starry area. Well, sort of. It's possible to leave a minecart after jumping inside it, and since I don't trust where they might take me I send a few minecarts off on their own without me. If I head down I can find a couple of food items, and I can squeeze through a gap on the right to find more minecarts and food. Eventually one of the minecarts opens a path forward by rolling over a few stumpy switch things in succession, and it passes under a Maxim Tomato I can grab before continuing the ride. Well, sort of. I head back for a while in case the minecart skipped over any important areas, and sure enough I find a destructible block that was hidden from view (just below the lower edge of the screen) as the minecart rolled over it. I can use the Parasol ability to perform a drop attack and break it, and the door is in midair above what I assume is a death drop, so I have to float down. The door leads to a couple of regular enemies and the Mirror Deluxe Copy Ability. Again, this one is kind of important – in addition to the attack, there's a universal guard button which we haven't used a whole lot, but some abilities have a unique guard available, such as Mirror. So this might be useful when we need to preserve life. We head back out and go back to where the minecart would have taken us. We pass a few food items I can grab for health, give the mirror ability to Kirby and partner, then go through a new door that the minecart led us to.

In this room, there's a Warp Star immediately next to us, but we can also move away from it, heading down through some spiked hazards, finding some pickups along the way (food, a Maxim Tomato and a 1-up) and ending up in a miniboss encounter against Iron Mam / Iron Mom and Chef Kawasaki. I get too complacent during the first attempt at this battle and lose a life (when the Chef cooks Kirby it depletes a lot of health, so you kind of need to keep your distance) but on my next attempt I use the Mirror ability's attack and take out Chef Kawasaki as quickly as possible – Iron Mam / Mom isn't as threatening in comparison. When they're both defeated, we can go through a door to another windy area where we're blown upwards and collide into various enemies that are above us. Luckily, we run into some health items and a door to a room with the Ninja Deluxe Copy Ability. Moving on, the wind carries us past spikes, lava hazards, regular enemies, more swimming through water suspended in midair, and finally a door to this area's boss. I make sure I have the Mirror ability selected, and we move forward to face the Computer Virus boss from The Great Cave Offensive! Once again, this is a small endurance run against several enemies where we have to defeat them all and stay alive, but guarding with the mirror turns out to be pretty useful here and we beat the encounter first time. After the fanfare, the starry trail on the map guides us to the next area, Nova. I believe this is one of the last areas in Milkyway Wishes, so hopefully I have all of the abilities I'll need.



Current status:
Game: Milkyway Wishes
Area score: 64'420
Abilities: Cutter, Fighter, Ice, Parasol, Beam, Sword, Jet, Bird, Copy, Hammer, Stone, Plasma, Yoyo, Mirror, Ninja
Visited: Floria, Aqualiss, Skyhigh, Hotheat, Cavios, Mecheye, Halfmoon

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~Milkyway Wishes: Finale~


We select Nova from the map screen, and we're treated to a small animated intro. Kirby rides the warp star into space and jumps from it; seven coloured stars then pop out and disappear offscreen, and Nova appears before Kirby. Remember at the start of the Milkyway Wishes intro where we were told that the sun & moon were fighting? Well, that sun and moon were orbiting the planet Popstar, a key setting in most Kirby games. I think the deal was that everything up to this point has been done so that Nova can be summoned to bring peace between the sun & moon (and so that the people on Popstar could relax again.) Nova offers to grant us one wish, but then Kirby is booted offscreen by Marx, the antagonist of Milkyway Wishes. Marx demands control over Popstar as Kirby floats off through space, but then the coloured stars circle Kirby and... transform into a spaceship? Back on the map, we see Nova, controlled by Marx, speeding towards Popstar with the intent of stirring up trouble, but the sun and moon physically push Nova away. From here, we can select Nova to enter the final stage. We start in a horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up sequence - we have a straight shot that goes to the other side of the screen and a short-range three-way shot that automatically fires at the same time. Also, a few universal Kirby rules still apply - we have an energy bar, so there aren't any one-hit deaths. Most of this shooting segment is fine to begin with - there are a few environmental hazards to fly around and some simple formations of weak flying enemies, and also ground-based enemies that behave like turrets. However, at certain intervals the scrolling speeds up, and I do take damage from bumping into the environment at times. Even so, the first part of this stage is literally only a minute long, so even if you die you'd probably be able to learn the sequence quickly enough. The screen fades to black and then fades back in to a "boss" encounter: broken pillars revolve around the centre of a heart-shaped object - we have to destroy the moving "core" of each pillar and fly through the hole that's left behind. However, not all pillars have the core in the same place, so we have to move up and down accordingly. At some point, the pillars will revolve in the opposite direction (and you can't turn around and fire, so basically you now run the risk of things hitting you in the back.) I take out the remaining cores and then try shooting the heart. Everything goes red and explodes, and Kirby flies off. We see an external shot from space where part of Nova explodes from the damage we've caused, and then Kirby heads through space for a showdown with Marx.




I immediately take damage because I'm still fiddling with ability and partner selections, but eventually I select the Mirror ability and Simirror (the Mirror ability in partner form.) Marx can fire projectiles out in four directions, drop seeds(?) that send columns of spikey things up the screen, go offscreen and hit Kirby by bursting up through the ground, drop bombs down on us, move to the side and fire screen-wide attacks, and rapidly teleport. However - as long as you guard, there isn't a whole lot that can damage you. I mean, if you wanted to be lazy, you could guard forever and let your partner do the work for as long as they can. I do try and get some attacks in but my partner is also very effective, and we defeat Marx on the first attempt. Nova explodes into pieces(?), Kirby rides his warp star back to Popstar, and the sun and moon... resolve their differences? I think? The words THE END appear onscreen and we get a shot of Kirby snoozing away in bed (WAS IT ALL A DREAM?), and then the credits sequence rolls. Eventually, we're brought back to the minigame selection screen, and one last minigame appears - The Arena.


At the start of this thread I mentioned that this would be one of the more intimidating minigames out there, but honestly it wasn't really that bad. The Aqualiss maze was daft (and time-consuming), and the "choose the right door" moments were kind of forgettable (and I mapped out pretty much all of the possible locations in those moments, so it never got too frustrating) ...at the same time, I like the concept of Deluxe Copy Abilities. I think it's an idea that works better as a one-off gimmick though; if you had a whole standalone game that was like Milkyway Wishes then it might feel a bit too close to Mega Man for my liking. I don't think this minigame is as frustrating as something like The Great Cave Offensive... but on the other hand, The Great Cave Offensive was the only minigame where I made it a point to collect all of the treasures. I'm sure that I missed Deluxe Copy Abilities in this, and I'm sure there were secrets in other minigames that I skipped as well. So the difficulty tiers are: The Great Cave Offensive (All Treasures) > Milkyway Wishes > The Great Cave Offensive > Everything else. That being said, I haven't started The Arena yet, and I don't know if I've ever touched The Arena in the past. I understand that it's a gauntlet of battles where you only have limited heals, so I may end up giving up during my efforts, but I'd like to at least try! 


Final Status for Milkyway Wishes
Area score: Who knows - the score had to be offscreen most of the time to allow space for each boss' health bar. 
Abilities: Cutter, Fighter, Ice, Parasol, Beam, Sword, Jet, Bird, Copy, Hammer, Stone, Plasma, Yoyo, Mirror, Ninja

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Epilogue: The Arena



Since The Arena is a series of back-to-back battles where you have a limited number of heals (five Maxim Tomatoes, with the opportunity to use one between battles) I couldn't really do a stage-by-stage update like I could with all of the other minigames - it had to be one shot. I had been attempting it on and off after finishing Milkyway Wishes, but I only managed a successful run this evening. The Arena has around 19 battles in total, but you can grab a few Copy Abilities between each battle, you have five Maxim Tomatoes on offer to last you the entire run, and before starting the first battle you can explore a room where pretty much every Copy Ability is available, so it's up to you to perfect a strategy. The only other thing to note is that the list of encounters is always the same, but I think that the order of encounters can change at times, so once you hop on the Warp Star you have to hope for a good sequence. I would be going in with the Mirror ability and the Mirror partner, so that I could reduce as much damage as I could. Also, since this took me a few days of attempts, I ended up taking shorthand notes to remind me what I should be avoiding. Anyway, with the Mirror duo ready, we hop on the Warp Star and go to the first match!


Note: for the purposes of these notes, a "command grab" is an attack that must be evaded (not blocked), otherwise Kirby will be "grabbed" and take a bunch of damage.


Round 1: Combo Cannon

Notes: Need to be at close range on the ground to hit the core with the mirror attack... but first need to destroy the lowest gun... but also watch out for the grabby hand!

This is a returning boss from Revenge of MetaKnight; a stationary turret that fires cannon balls, drops bombs, fires a screen-wide laser and has a hand that comes down and can perform a command grab - luckily, the hand can be destroyed if hit with an attack. I generally stand in front of the lowest gun and attack (whilst my partner is very useful in destroying the hand) until it's destroyed, at which point I can start working on the main cannon. I survive this encounter without taking damage, but my partner dies, so I decide to enter the next round on my own.


Round 2: Lololo and Lalala

These two were one of the bosses from Spring Breeze. They come from the exits on the side, walk the width of the screen, go through the opposite exit, and repeat. This one's easy - I stay in the middle of the screen until I know where they're coming from - if they're on an exit that's the same level as me, I jump out of the way, if not, I wait for them to pass and attack them from behind. It's a bit boring doing it this way, but life preservation is important. I complete this without taking damage, and I choose not to take a partner into the next round


Round 3: Kracko

Notes: "Guard and let reflected beam attacks do the work. Or, do no more than your standard jump attack (the close-range melee)"

This cloud-like boss featured in Spring Breeze and Milkyway Wishes - he shoots projectiles, spits out adds and rams into us. I take one or two hits here, but it's largely okay - he floats around doing nothing a lot and so I get a second to get some attacks in. The Mirror shield deflects pretty much all of the attacks, and when adds fire at Kirby whilst his shield is up, the shots can sometimes bounce towards Kracko, so it's free damage! Despite taking hits, I don't use a Maxim Tomato or select a partner whilst I'm between rounds...


Round 4: Arena I

Some of the encounters aren't against a single boss; they can be "arena" battles that take place in the colosseum background and have you facing off against a series of enemies. In this first arena battle we start off by facing Chef Kawasaki. I have to be careful around him - when he pulls his ladle out, he goes for an unblockable "grab", so all I can do is hit and run. Once he's down, Bonkers shows up... but he barely does anything and is one of the easier encounters. Bugzzy is the third encounter here - again, he has a dangerous grab but it's telegraphed a lot - he waits and flashes orange for a second before going for the grab, so I avoided this when it happened.


Round 5: Dyna Blade

Notes: "fly up and over its head to avoid its command grab?"

Dyna Blade is one of the harder bosses in terms of minimising damage between bosses. I immediately take a hit since she does splash damage when she lands, but the sweeping attacks are avoided. Basically, you want to see her jump up and backwards - when this happens you should float to the top of the screen as soon as possible so that she passes under and you don't get grabbed. Otherwise, block the projectiles and fire away when she's not doing much. Also, when she Mode 7s towards the screen you can just hold block. I take some hits from projectiles and finish at around 40% health, but this is one of the rounds I knew I'd take damage from. I decide not to grab a Maxim Tomato yet though, and head straight into


Round 6: Fatty Whale

Notes: "Try and stay in the middle and guard. If you hear him come in from the side, get a few attacks in and then guard."

Whilst I guarded a lot of attacks here, I didn't take any direct hits, so I pretty much had this one down when making my various attempts. He has audio cues for various attacks, and generally you can guard if you don't like the next attack, or get some hits in if you don't mind the next attack. Beyond that, it's just a case of guessing which side he'll come from. (Also, if you get sent into the air, hold guard as you fall so that you block potential falling hazards...)


Round 7: Meta Knight

No notes here, but it's one of the trickiest encounters. I grab my first Maxim Tomato before entering and go in. Just like RoMK, this begins with a sword in the ground that you can collect for the Sword ability... but the battle won't start until you collect it. However, what I end up doing is turning my Mirror ability into a partner, grabbing the sword (to start the battle), then immediately tossing the sword, turning my partner back into a consumable ability, and using Mirror Kirby again. If you just guard, MK can do a lot of damage to himself, but you kind of have to attack a bit too, because he has some unblockable "grabs" (the annoying tornado move.) I clutch it out with about 25% health, so this is definitely up there with Dyna Blade as a challenge. I grab a second Maxim Tomato before going on to face...


Round 8: Chameleo Arm

Notes: "When his head pulls back, he's going for a horizontal command grab"

After so many failed efforts, this one was fairly straightforward. I find that if I expect the command grab each time then I at least train myself to jump up and away from its (horizontal) range. I do take one hit as I drop my guard and try to get away from a grab, but it's just damage from the roll that he does before the grab, which I'll take over grab damage.


Round 9: Waddle Dee

Between rounds I can pick up a Mirror Copy ability - I already have the Mirror ability, but I decide that it wouldn't hurt to have it as a partner too. Anyway, this round is a bit of a joke encounter; Waddle Dee stands still and we just juggle him in the corner until he's defeated. I think I've seen some videos where people go in as vanilla Kirby and just swallow him, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, this is the first and last novelty battle in The Arena.


Round 10: Heart of Nova

This is the boss encounter I mentioned in the Milkyway Wishes finale where you shoot the broken pillars that revolve around and around. Since it's the forced shoot 'em up section abilities don't come into this - you just have to avoid crashing into things. And I don't. There's one tiny gap low near the bottom of the screen with a thing that needs to be attacked in order for you to pass through the gap - fine if it's coming towards you and you can shoot it... but if the stage is revolving the other way, I just have to take the hit. Not great, but we survive with about 50% life. Also, since this counts as a solo encounter, you lose your partner after this so you have to pick another one on offer. But I decide to go in solo...


Round 11: Heavy Lobster

Notes: Stay close, attack and guard

We saw this boss in Revenge of MetaKnight, but here it's a lot more straightforward as we have the Mirror ability. He spends a lot of time on top of us and walking over us, but we can guard everything and throw out a few attacks when we're able to. The only caveat is the need to stay close, because he zooms about to either side of the screen, and the Mirror ability's attack only goes so far, but it's generally fine. Between rounds I grab my third Maxim Tomato, because up next it's...


Round 12: Wham Bam Rock

Notes: fist from above (block) x 3 - run right, finger from left & earthquake (block), fist from above, TOP COMMAND GRAB, SIDE COMMAND GRAB (run to centre), stones (block), fist from above (block) x 3 - run right, walking grab - float over, TOP COMMAND GRAB, SIDE COMMAND GRAB (run to centre), stones (block), fist from above (block), walking grab - float over, stones (block)

So yeah, I think this boss has a fixed pattern of attacks :lol: especially when I looked up someone else's encounter afterwards and saw the same sequence. Personally I don't know any more of the sequence than what's up there because by that time he's already defeated. I play this one very safe, only really attacking after the attacks from above, although I do take some damage.


Round 13: Arena II

This is a battle against Poppy Bros Sr, Mr. Frosty, Iron Mam / Mom and Jukid. I take some damage by getting too close to Poppy Bros. Sr, and letting him collide into me, I didn't have to worry about Mr. Frosty as he decided to jump around on the spot and take hits... I alternate between attacking and guarding with Iron M and end up avoiding any direct damage from her (yay!)...and, well, I've done this round enough to know Jukid's startup for his command grab, so I float out of the way when it happens and things go a lot more smoothly.


Round 14: Computer Virus

This round is just a re-do of the Computer Virus boss from The Great Cave Offensive - it's a gauntlet of enemy encounters dressed up as a boss. This time you face the Witch, the Evil Knight and the Red Dragon... but none of them have any attacks that really trouble our barrier and so we just have to alternate between guarding and attacking. Another free win.


Round 15: Halberd's Reactor

Notes: Stay in place and guard - RNG will eventually kill it

Uh, yeah. This is a re-do of the Reactor Room from Revenge of Meta Knight, where cannons and flames attack Kirby, but a ricocheting laser can hit the reactor core if Kirby is in the right position. And yeah, if I chill out and guard then nothing can damage me, and so I've just got to wait for the ricocheting shot or at the very most reposition myself in between the enemy's actions.


Round 16: Whispy Woods

Notes: Stay close, attack and guard

 Another free win where we take no damage. It helps to alternate between attacking and guarding just because you have to be close to Whispy for the Mirror ability's attack to connect, and you don't want an attack catching you by surprise, but we finish this encounter quickly and without taking any damage.


Round 17: Twin Woods

Notes: Stay close, attack and guard

As above. In fact, the first tree doesn't even get an attack out before we defeat it. The second one has some dropping fruit attacks and blowing(?) attacks, but we guard all of it safely, defeat it and move on.


Round 18: King Dedede

Notes: Stay close and stunlock?

I have two Maxim Tomatoes left and two more encounters, so I heal Kirby and go in. I dash in and try to stay close and stunlock him, but he gets a pounce attack out and I drop my ability so I quickly grab it again. I take some more hits trying to reposition myself and keep trying for the stunlock, but he always manages to get a pounce out so I just have to clutch it out. I'm not worried about saving health at this point, but I still need to avoid death!


Round 19: Marx

I grab my last Maxim Tomato and enter the final encounter. I try to play safe and go for single jumping attacks, and I guard what I can but some attacks still do chip damage (such as the screen-wide laser attack thing.) Even so, the amount of stuff that can be blocked means that I end up winning the "race to drain the other dude's health", and it's over.


We're treated to a screen with Kirby on a podium holding a trophy and the title belt, with "Winner" proudly displayed above, and our final time: 19'41"81. A twenty-minute run is hardly speedrun-standard, but to be honest I just wanted to stay alive! With this done, we return to the minigame selection screen for a final time and can use the Sound Test option to listen to BGM and SFX. Yay?


EDIT: oh, and as for my minigame tier list: this is harder than "The Great Cave Offensive (All Treasures)" due to the limited heals, of course. :) 


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