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New Retro Arcade Book: Missile Commander - available now


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Hi all.


I've just self-published my first book, Missile Commander. I've been rolling it out gradually to ensure that I can fulfil orders in good time without being swamped (which turns out to be the right decision as orders have exceeded my expectations so far).


It's been suggested that I make it available here, as I figure it will be of interest to you all.


Missile Commander has been a 7-year project. If you've not figured it out by the title, the book takes a deep dive into the creation of the arcade game Missile Command, from initial concept through to its release in the arcades during the summer of 1980. It also tells the tale of how I got the Guinness World Record on the game – from playing as a kid in local arcades in Bristol, through to encountering all sorts of drama in more recent years, with stories and anecdotes along the way. 


So why should you buy it? Well, there’s no waiting around for a Kickstarter – the book is done and printed. Second, it’s not the usual glossy coffee-table type collectable with pretty pictures and stuff that gamers already know – it’s a full-length, detailed hardback book printed on quality 104 gsm paper – 77,000 words spanning 267 pages. There are 60 colour images to support the dialogue, many previously unpublished, including a few surprises for the collectors and gaming historians out there. In short, if you enjoy my blog and classic arcade gaming, and "old" Atari, then this will be right up your street. Lots of previously unknown detail and info is revealed.


What I think I've produced is a properly researched, well-written, quality product that people with an interest in video game history are going to enjoy. I've always felt that the story of the development of Missile Command has never been properly told and I wanted to address that. The icing on the cake (well, for me at least), is that Dave Theurer, the creator of Missile Command was good enough to write the foreword; and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the original arcade game. There’s more detail about the contents on the ordering page below if you want to check it out:




Feedback from initial recipients of the book has been very positive in terms of shipping, the physical quality of the book and its detailed content.


Risks: Payment is by Paypal, so buyers get the usual protections there should I get run over by a bus, or disappear to Rio with your cash. I'm an active part of the arcade collecting/restoring community, and have no plans to sully my name by failing to deliver on expectations. To reiterate, this isn't a "6 month Kickstarter wait" situation - the book is done and ready to go!


Current shipping status: The first batch has sold out, but I expect another batch to arrive next week, which is when I will ship your book to you. In short I don't anticipate a long lead time here. I will update shipping status in this thread to keep you all up to speed. (The post office at the moment appears to be rather sporadic with delivery times depending on where you are, so please bear with me).


I'm not a publisher. This has been a personal indie project. As a one man band, I've self-published, which means I don't have the leverage of volume production and marketing from a publisher or distributor behind me and of course I'm not in a position to order and store 1,000 copies of the book up front. But I’ve kept the price as low as I can - the UK price of £24.99 includes shipping in a protective Amazon-style cardboard bookwrap and some freebies too for the first bunch of orders. I can also ship outside the UK if required (at an additional cost obviously) - more detail on the landing page.


Happy to answer any further questions anyone might have.


If you choose to order a copy, I am very grateful for your support. I am confident you will enjoy this celebration of one of Atari's best-loved arcade titles.


Thank you!


Click here to place your order: www.missilecommander.com



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Missile Commander Book.jpg

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If anyone missed out earlier this year on grabbing a copy of my book, I have another batch of the hardback version of Missile Commander available now ready to ship out. The price is discounted for all orders made this month - the book is now just £19.99 including shipping to the UK. (Global shipping also available).


With Xmas coming up, get your other half to order you one, or it makes a great gift!


More detail about the book and what you are getting can be found here.


Or go straight to the UK ordering page here.





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Xmas time again and I have a new run of books in stock ready to ship.


To sweeten the deal for new purchasers, I'm including a set of limited-edition postcards and access to exclusive bonus digital content with every purchase.


If you're struggling for Xmas present ideas, here it is!


Ordering details are here:




All books are signed, and I ship globally.


Thanks everyone for your support!


p.s. if you're a previous purchaser, just PM me your name, or contact me via the blog and I'll send you the access link to the bonus content.

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