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Whats the most next-gen thing you can fire-up this November?

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Please don't groan :rolleyes:  as there may well be something in here you might not have given a thought.

Whether you're buying a new Xbox or PS5 or both, just what is there  to give it a good " next gen " (ish) start?


My choice is probably going to be Assassins Creed Valhalla. In what will essentially be the Xbox One X version really.

But perhaps you have better games to try for the shinies...


What game will christen your new console?   A.K.A Can you wait until December 10th ;)




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Got Control Ultimate (XB), not played before so looking forward to that. Ass Creed (XB) and Spider Morales for the PS5.

CoD Blops will get some play time also.


But yeah, I'm impatiently waiting for Cyberpunk too.

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Forza Horizon 4 with the 4k60 upgrade. 


Red Dead Redemption 2.


Nothing I have seen on either platform comes close graphically to these 2.


Although Spiderman: MM might be in with a shout. 



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So, all being well I might actually get a new GPU next month. After that and hopefully picking up a new CPU too.


Then it’ll be when I will be suitably motivated to open up the black box and install those and all the other new bits I’ve been buying. 


Due to the delays on the GPU there have been rather a large amount of moments of weakness.


Anyway, when that happens no doubt I’ll be replaying Crysis (the original, not the shitty old remaster), Red Dead 2 and I really must finish off Hollow Knight.


So clearly lots of new next gen stuff then.

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10 hours ago, Pob said:

Apart from a shorter initial loading time what difference will there be?

I'm just talking graphically. 


RDR 2 is still the most next gen game I have seen. 

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