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Five Games that Defined the Last Generation of Consoles

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I haven't played NieR: Automata but this article puts it high on my list of next games.


My five would be:


Bloodborne - needs no explanation.


Astrobot - made VR accessible to all and just damn good fun.


Death Stranding - for all its faults it is beautiful, strange and like nothing else that came before.


Horizon: Zero Dawn - my favourite open world game with exemplary robot combat.


Cuphead - king of the indie scene. Celeste is a close second.




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1 hour ago, Wiper said:

VR Delight - Beat Saber. It's not my favourite VR game - I'd pick out Rez Infinite, Paper Beast Astro Bot, Wipeout VR ahead of it - but as an introduction to the potential of VR it's the game I'd choose, simply because it's a perfect demonstration of how an incredibly simplistic design can be elevated by the presence and interface offered by VR. Have sabres, will chop.


It's a really good shout. It's zero-button gaming. You just wave the Moves around. It's so natural to play, but about as tactile as it gets. I find it almost impossible not to pose and make shapes whilst playing it. It's wonderful. Full of music I'd mostly hate if it wasn't for how well it works with the gameplay. Also - as we head into Autumn a good time to start playing it again to keep warm... I'd have to agree - there are VR games I love more (not by much, mind), but this would probably be the one I'd choose to sell someone on the idea of VR in 2 minutes flat. ("I have light sabres? Fuck yeah!")

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12 hours ago, Wiper said:

Player Walk With Me - Gone Home. The walking sim really took off this generation, to my delight. And while other games in the genre preceded it, it was Gone Home for me that really demonstrated what could be done with the format, set the bar for exploration- rather than exposition-based narrative.


Gone Home was technically last-gen - August 2013, before any of the next-gen consoles launched.


The rest are good shouts though.

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Yeah, I was allowing myself it because the OP and article specifically opted for "console generation", and as far as consoles go it's only been released on the current gen. A stretch, admittedly!

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