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Britbox - What's worth watching?

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Couldn't see a thread on this...

Got a free 6 months with my EE contract. I don't need to watch Fawlty Towers or Red Dwarf again right now. 

So I started watching Brideshead Revisited which I had memories of from when I was a kid... Not of watching it , but my parents watching it and talking about it. Kind of an early example of event TV I guess. Dunno why but I'm finding it extremely enjoyable even though (true to the book) not much happens in it and it's pretty boring. 

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Endeavour is great if you like Morse and like the 60s. Lovely long episodes as well.


Theres tons of great science fiction on there - all of Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 etc. The Avengers, and all the Gerry Andersons are up there too.

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I see they have the original 1970s Survivors on there. First series is worth a watch, goes off the rails a bit after that but YMMV and all that. Essentially there's a massive global event that sees civilisation go down the pan. The show follows people trying to survive. It's pretty good because it makes you wonder how you'd cope in a similar situation.


Some decent films on there too. Watched The Acid House the other week. The absolutely essential Secrets & Lies is there.

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2 hours ago, Waggo said:

Did not realise Blake’s 7 was on there.:omg:


Do they do a free trial or any introductory offers?

They do a year in advance offer, 12 months for the price of 10. Only a one week free trial though which is a bit stingy.

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Having a quick browse through the films, a few picks:


Shallow Grave

The Long Good Friday

Sexy Beast

Wilt (adaptation of the Tom Sharpe novel starring Smith and Jones)


They make it look like they have about 20 films because in each section the same films are repeated.

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They're pretty slow on new releases, they'll have to be pulling a lot more in if they want to keep subscribers.


Anyway, they have just got the old 70s kid's SF series The Tomorrow People up on there. Something a bit different.

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