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How to with John Wilson (HBO)


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This starts tonight on HBO, and probably on Sky in a few weeks. I heard about it a few days ago because Nathan Fielder is involved somehow, and as Nathan For You is one of the greatest TV shows ever, I’ll definitely give it a shot.


Looks interesting, and a similar comedy genre to Joe Pera Talks with You (even the colour palette looks the same).

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Kinda odd the thumbnail is Nathan but he's not actually in the show (so far). Thought the first was so-so, and the second a bit better. The third I actually liked a lot though. Hard to shake the Joe Pera comparisons, and it's not in that league yet, but it is different enough. More "reality".

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I love it. It was sold to me in episode one when he asked the question ‘will mankind ever make a comeback?’ to a philosopher, and then to:



a Wrestlemania fan.



He’s very good at making the mundane seem interesting, or having surprising interactions with people. I wasn’t sure at first how much of it was staged (did he really meet the Mandela Effect guy while shopping?), but now I’m totally sold on his collection of recorded footage and the diaries he’s kept every day for a decade.

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Been waiting for ages to watch this, and it doesn’t disappoint. Only seen a couple of episodes so far but it’s already one of the most interesting shows I’ve seen in ages. There aren’t a huge amount of laughs but when they come they really deliver. 

I was really surprised at the direction the wine tasting episode took by the end. If that all happened as presented then it’s incredible stuff. I don’t want to think about it too much. I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Fascinating stuff. 

Joe Pera x Nathan Fielder x Louis Theroux = yes please

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