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Deus Ex (2000)

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1 minute ago, Thor said:

Of course, what do you take me for, some kind of savage? ;)


Loved Prey, also loved the ending. Bloody fantastic game.

Okay, then all is well again! If you had said you also didn't like Prey, I would have theorized you maybe didn't like the genre anymore twenty years on. But we agree on Prey! What a game, what a bloody great game. Now that they have Microsoft money I really hope they get to make a sequel. 

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Agreed. My only regret with Prey is that it doesn't maintain the powerlessness of the beginning - obviously intentional, but I particularly appreciated the tension of the first few hours, of desperately trying to explore and uncover the story while evading terrifying enemies. Once you're tooled up and powerful it becomes a little less interesting - in much the same way as I found the Dishonoreds a little less satisfying than the Thiefs (or even original DE) because it was a little too easy to just magic-stealth your way around the game.

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