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Phasmophobia (Steam non VR and VR crossplay)


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Havent seen a topic on this game ( mentioned it in one of the vr threads) but Phasmophobia is one of the most terrifing games i have played in VR (can be played in non vr mode as well).   


Think of its has Most Haunted the game - you and three others, search various houses for evidence of paranormal activity, while trying to identify what type of spirt is haunting the location.   The game requires a mic as you have to call out the ghost's name to try and contact it, use your walkie talkies to talk to team members etc...  things get worse when you piss off the ghost and it goes on the hunt as you and the rest of your team try and not to get killed by the enity.  


The more evidence you get then the more equipment you can buy to help you in your investigations


Been playing with a group of VR and non VR players and the game has made grown men scream.  Only £10.99 on steam at the min (Its early access so comes with the usal caveat that there will be bugs etc...)  but if your looking a great fun scary multiplayer game then def give it a try.



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