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Music with amazing vocals

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As a lifelong metal fan with some other favourite genres, I've never really focused on the singing in music too much. 


Now I'm often tired and getting older I need to soften the average of my record collection. 


Stuff that has made me realise I really like stuff with good singing:



Janelle Monae


Hamilton Soundtrack

Carly Rae Jepsen (shh)

Tool/a perfect circle


Steely Dan

Julia Holter



I'm kind of inclined to clever pop, jazzy stuff and rock. 


What else am I missing, modern and classic stuff?




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'Good singing' is a bit broad but try Minnie Riperton and her otherworldly vocal range or I guess everything Aretha recorded.


If you're after warm vocals for chilling, Sade always hits the spot for me - her Lovers Rock album is *chef's kiss*

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This is a Song by  " Dirty Ray "  Lead singer of Immaculate Fools   ( Google it ;)  )


If you're into music you hopefully wont diss' it over the 1st half of the song.  Its a grower/ builder  and rather powerful as the song goes on...


enjoy  I hope :)  because its brill.




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Pretty much anything that Sampha is on. Got a great warmth to his voice. 


This guy has great range. 


13 hours ago, Lovelyman said:

I'm kind of inclined to clever pop, jazzy stuff and rock. 

Give this a go. Madison McFerrin, Daughter of Bobby. Has an absolute beautiful voice. 


I prefer the Photay remix version but if you're not into electronica, it might not be your cup of tea. 


Anderson Paak is probably as close as there is to a male Janelle Monae. So he's worth checking out. 


I'm an utter sucker for a duet, often adds up to more than the sum of their parts vocally. 




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Wow I love Christian Vander. I posted some of his stuff in the jazz thread, but this one especially always stops me in my tracks when I hear it. 




I'd also recommend 'The Man With the Golden Throat', Jon Lucien. A tone as rich as a cheese soufflé.




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