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Time Travel / Time Loop Movies and TV

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So many great movies, what do you recommend?  



A mysterious stranger arrives in a bar to tell their mysterious story to a mysterious man.


Time Trap

A group of teenagers enter a mysterious cave to search for their teacher who went missing searching for people who went into the cave that also went missing. Low budget but really inventive and clever.


Time Crimes

A man sees a mysterious naked lady in the woods and goes in for a closer look. Well, you would, wouldn't you?  He has a moustache. 


In the Shadow of the Moon

A cop chases a serial killer who mysteriously vanishes only to reappear 9 years later. 



An all time favourite of mine, a mysterious ship appears from nowhere to rescue Melissa George in a white T-shirt from her capsized boat. 


What great time travel /time loop moves can you recommend?



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The History of Time Travel (currently on Amazon) is very clever in places. Some of the wooden acting lets it down a bit, though.



I particularly like the way you end up watching a different programme to the one you were watching at the start, and the way it gradually changes over time.


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Red Dwarf: Future Echoes, Stasis Leak, Out of Time, Tikka To Ride (the JFK assassination one), Give & Take (probably my favourite episode since the series moved to Dave), Backwards, The Inquisitor ("Actually sir, we don't ever have existed here anymore, but this is hardly the time to be conjugating temporal verbs in the past impossible never tense.") And of course the meme favourite time loop scene in White Hole.


Those are the main episodes where time travel is used to do things like have causality loops and situations where multiple copies of characters are running round. But there are other episodes, like Lemons (the episode with Jesus), where time travel is just used as a device to get the characters somewhere (or somewhen!!!)

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2 hours ago, Darren said:

Just getting a couple of obvious classics out of the way:


The Terminator

Doctor Who: Blink


You can split Doctor Who up into episodes where time travel is just used to get the characters into their newest adventure (like BTTF1 and 3), and those where time travel within the story is also important (like BTTF2). Moffat was good at the latter, with episodes like Blink, The Girl in the Fireplace, Heaven Sent (not strictly time travel, but playing with the same sort of toys)... and the Space/Time Comic Relief short:





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OK, just this one more post and then I'll stop spamming the thread: time travel in US animated TV series!


The Simpsons: "Time and Punishment" from Treehouse of Horror V:




Futurama: Roswell That Ends Well, The Why of Fry, Bender's Big Score (some really clever loops in that one!), Meanwhile, and The Late Philip J Fry:



Family Guy: Back to the Pilot



Rick and Morty: A Rickle in Time (split-screen timelines), Rattlestar Ricklactica (snake time travel), Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat (crystal previews of the future), The Vat of Acid Episode ("save points").

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Primer is the best time travel film ever made, definitely. The way everything spirals out of control and out of comprehension is just perfect.


I have a soft spot for Déjà Vu as well, I think it's a great film right up to the last 5 minutes when it's almost entirely ruined.

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Now, I know the OP asked for "good" time travel films/shows. But all of the discussion here reminded me of a BBC One TV series from the late nineties. Crime Traveller starring Chloe Annett and Michael French. A quick search on YouTube shows that someone has uploaded the full series (there was only the one series) and I've started watching it. It's got more plot holes than a Swiss cheese and isn't particularly good, but I'm halfway and feel compelled to see it through to the end.

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