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Inertial Drift - arcade Racer using twin sticks

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I started this last night for a review, too. But it doesn't really click so far.


The cars seem to rotate on a pivot, which is something generally hate in any racing game. I can understand that choice given the unique twin stick drifting mechanic here, but I've not felt the true benefit of that.


Love the overall presentation though, very much a blend of Ridge Racer and Initial D, if a bit on the shallow side visually when you're actually driving.

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there's a demo on steam, i tried it the other day, the first car is pretty fun to drive, but i don't really get the dual stick steering as the left stick does so little, it's like the right stick is for steering and the left makes tiny adjustments to your line. the second car in the demo is really hard to control and i was hitting everything - maybe because i didn't understand the controls too well. still might try the full game at some point as the first car was fun and maybe it explains the controls better in the full game.

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I love this - got it on Switch. A proper arcade racing game - great drifting and the tracks are varied and quite difficult. The controls are great - you can manoeuvre the cars so well around the corners including adjusting in and out a la Outrun 2.


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