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I can't remember if I've posted in here before, and can't be bothered to check, so maybe I'm saying this for the second time but: I'm very glad for this thread as we would otherwise have remained entirely unaware of its existence, and instead we've been catching up on it over the last two or three months and it's probably been our most regularly watched show over that period. I can't decide if it's been slowly getting funnier, as they've hit their stride, or if it's more that we've gradually attuned to their sense of humour. That's not to say that it wasn't funny in the first place, of course, just that it was perhaps a milder, gentler humour originally, and I feel like now we're much more frequently properly laughing at it.


Whenever they next do a live show we'll have to get involved. I feel somewhat guilty mainlining this for free when I pay Netflix and so on however much a month for mostly absolute trash.


Has anyone read any of Mark Watson's books?

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16 minutes ago, hmm said:


Has anyone read any of Mark Watson's books?


Contacts is apparently very good, I've bought it but haven't got around to reading it yet. 


Said this a few pages ago but I thoroughly recommend Tim Key's book about lockdown. It's incredible.


I know what you mean about the earlier ones being mild - going back and watching the first set it's markedly different to how it is now. I think the editing is a lot less tight so it has a much more leisurely pace.

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