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Time Crisis 5 and Stand Alone Arcade Emulation

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Thanks to a great spot by @Goose in the Teknoparrot thread, I've spent an evening playing Time Crisis 5, the proper arcade version on my 12 year old PC.  I'm fascinated by what's going on there.  Arcade machines were always at the forefront of technology, and I'm really surprised to see that, behind the massive screens, the flashing lights and elaborate cabinets, the 2015 game is running on PC hardware and uses Unreal Engine!


What's weird is that this doesn't even need an emulator.  The team that made this bundled it all up as a stand alone product, with the game and emulator all as one thing. Click the EXE and you're away.


We don't link to roms, and to be honest you'll find it by typing "Time Crisis 5 PC emulator" into Google. The controls are mapped to mouse and keyboard for the pedal (and weirdly, X on the joypad to skip screens) but the mouse control makes it compatible with lightguns. it looks like this 


 Lightgun shooters on the home PC can be boring when all you're doing is clicking the mouse on people.  In Time Crisis 5 the Pedal makes all the difference and it feels like a really fun game, dodging and shooting with 2 hands, one in the keyboard and the other aiming with the mouse.


Since playing about with TeknoParrot, I have found a few of these stand alone emulators.


Contra Evolution is an unusual one, it's Contra from the iPad which I bought a few years ago and quite liked, despite the on screen controls being absolutely gameplay ruining. Playing it on the big screen is awesome and using a decent control pad makes a world of difference.  But as far as the emulator itself, I have no idea what it is?  Like, why would Konami release a Contra arcade machine in 2016 that is all 2D and barely pushes the capability of my 4th Gen iPad?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQJ2WsrMR7w  


There's a game called Crazy Speed that I was struggling to get working in Teknoparrot, and I realised later that there's an EXE file in the folder, you just click on it and it works.  It's not the best game in the world, but it's interesting, and again, a game I had never heard of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R96vyHjuN8


So feel free to share your experiences.  I'm using a Q6600 processor, 8Gb ram and a 560Ti graphics card and I'm amazed this stuff runs at all, but the fact it runs smoothly at full speed and resolution knocks my socks off!






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5 hours ago, Rob_Pulsar said:

@dumpster - Do I need to be running the RSLauncher.exe to get this working?  When I do, I must get hundreds of error windows appear (I simply hold enter to clear them all) and then I can see a menu screen and not much else.  You made it sound so simple! :lol:


Go into the TC5 directory, then into the binaries directory, then win64 then click TimeCrisisGame-Win64-Shipping.exe

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On 19/09/2020 at 20:33, Rob_Pulsar said:

I’m going to give this a shot as the last hope of getting the 2 Sinden light guns that I have here working.  I’ve totally failed with PS1 emulation thus far. 

did you succeed, I’m waiting on my sinden light gun to ship. It doesn’t sound like you’ve had much luck with them. 

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1 hour ago, watusi said:

did you succeed, I’m waiting on my sinden light gun to ship. It doesn’t sound like you’ve had much luck with them. 

I did not succeed with Time Crisis 5 unfortunately. 

I did manage to get Point Blank up and running via a PS1 emulator with the Sinden guns. Ultimately I found them to add too much lag (TV in game mode etc) to be playable for anything other than just a quick blast. 

I probably shouldn’t (with hindsight) have registered as a beta tester as I don’t have the patience to fiddle like I used to. I packed the guns away today and might leave it 6 months before I see how they’ve developed. 

Playing Point Blank again did remind me just how epic it was on the PS1 on my 29” Sony Trinitron with 2 Guncon 45s and a mate sat next to me. They were deadly accurate and zero lag - some of my all time favourite memories for sure. 

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7 hours ago, probotector said:

What’s the sitch with light guns and lcd? Is there any work around? Wiimote?

I got a wireless Wii sensor bar and a driver that turns the Wii remote into a mouse.  This works fine with many lightgun based games, but my PC monitor is too small to make it worthwhile. Also Time Crisis 5 (as far as I can tell) doesn't have reconfigurable controls so you have to use JoyToKey as well.


https://techgearoid.com/articles/how-to-use-wii-remote-on-pc/#:~:text=The Wii remote drivers are,bit and 64 bit versions.

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