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What television screen do you play games on?


What television screen do you play games on?   

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65” LG C1 in the lounge with Switch, PS5 and Series X hooked up to it, and in the spare room upstairs my older 2017 Samsung which does 4K HDR, although no fancy VRR 120 FPS and all that stuff - I do love that telly though. 

Would love a 77” C1 or whatever but the price is a bit 😬 although I’m sure if I got one I’d want an 83” and so on, until my entire wall is a TV. 

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22 hours ago, ChewMagma said:

What 32 inch telly would you get if you wanted to setup one in a spare room to run a PS4, Xbox 360 and possibly a Wii and occasionally stream some stuff?


Budget is £200-£300.


Bonus: recommend a sub £100 soundbar to go with it.


Would it not just be better to get a monitor? You could optical out the Xbox but ps4 and Wii don't have those sources. Hmm. What I do with shit like this is search Amazon and look which has the most reviews at 4* and above.

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