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2 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

I've plugged the hard drive I used to have in my One into my Series S. There's games on there that are Series enhanced. DO I now have to copy these to the internal drive, or can I play them in their original form from the external drive?

I think most Series enhanced need to go on the internal drive (maybe there's a list, or suck it and see). Also, be sure to move them, not copy. It'll dutifully patch both internal and external copies otherwise, I've made that mistake :)


(for everyone else) Total aside but this is the platform thread, so rehashing battery chat, pads, and other stuff seems appropriate. We're not expecting people to search 680 pages for recommendations on the play-and-charge versus which brand of NiMH AAs to use, are we? We should probably welcome folks new to the platform and have a bunch of handy info somewhere (admittedly, I haven't checked the OP to see if we do).

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13 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

Potential stupid question: I want to buy a (legit) code off eBay but it says to use a VPN to redeem it. Do I have to make a new account to redeem it through the VPN or can I use my regular Xbox account through the VPN?

No I did it with a Brazilian code maxed my gold using VPN then switched back and added the £1 gamepass deal no issues 

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1 hour ago, SteveH said:

 Why do some games insist on you "signing in" again when you start a game? Surely if there are multiple accounts on one console you know to have selected yours when you go to play a game?

I'm sure I heard somebody saying this used to be part of the certification process or something. It is a bit odd for sure.

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