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37 minutes ago, Popo said:

Am I going mad? I plugged a pair of headphones into the controller and the audio continues to output to the TV. 


I thought there must be an option in the settings to change this but haven’t been able to find one. 

Edit - nope, it’s actually outputting to both the TV and the headphones. Why on Earth would anyone want to do that?

Annoyed me on PS4 that with my Mixamp plugged in it knocked out tv sound, had to switch the Mixamp off or if using the wireless dongle had to unplug it to get tv sound! It didn’t used to be like that on the PS4 as recall having to turn the sound down to zero as muting the AV amp had an icon on the screen :facepalm:


I don’t think there is a a solution I’d be happy with tbh, prefer it that it’s both on Xbox as console is behind the telly so would be a faff unplugging the wireless dongle to get sound from the tv and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an option to send to headphones only in the dash!

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8 hours ago, teddymeow said:

Played some more this morning with my 5 year old watching (to start with).


Bit of Forza Horizon 4 which started (apparently) in Quick Resume - didn't think that was working on the game yet? My son saw the LEGO logo and got really excited by the Speed Champion pack. His little head almost exploded when I was driving along underneath a viaduct while the Flying Scotsman steamed overhead - he's train mad!!


Then I showed him Tracks, the wooden train set creator. That's a massive winner for him! Train mad remember.


Then I showed him Tetris. Then I let him play Tetris. His first non-Kindle related gaming experience. I thought it would be Mario or something like that but, no, it was the puzzle classic. It was just :wub:


His hands are a little small to hold the pad quite right but he did pretty well. Got a bit distracted by the sea life in the background though.


We've just been out for a walk and he's asked to watch me play more Forza later. He then asked when I could play the new Spider-Man as he clocked that on the shelf the other day.


I'm. So. Happy!!!


@teddymeow Note that tracks is leaving gamepass (I think, certainly on PC) - so if you want a copy, now's a good time to buy.

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11 hours ago, SpagMasterSwift said:

The UI menu screen thingy not being in 4K, I’m not mad at it tbh but is there a reason for it and do we think it’ll be patched in at some point?


It not being in HDR is more of an annoyance, because it just makes the TV switch continually now they've got quick resume.

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2 hours ago, kensei said:

Who wants the hassle?

It's less hassle than having a cable hanging out of your controller.

1 hour ago, footle said:

It not being in HDR is more of an annoyance, because it just makes the TV switch continually now they've got quick resume.

How often are you switching games?

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13 hours ago, Ry said:

It wouldn't turn on earlier. 


I'm scared to try again. I'm on the couch hungover as hell. 


Will maybe need to take a trip to Argos tomorrow.


I'm going to stop drinking, if I don't I might take a shit on my PS5. 

What sort of skinful did you have to do that?

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