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Xbox Series X | S


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Has anyone tried the TV streaming apps? Having mixed success with them for HDR


Amazon Prime - Correctly launches in SDR and changes to HDR when appropriate show playing. Looks amazing, somehow better than the LG app. Also way more responsive.

Netflix - Changes to Dolby Vision immediately on launch and never changes based on content type.

Apple TV - Immediately launches but only HDR not Dolby Vision. Doesn't change when launching a DV show (which is most of Apple TV+ content)

Disney+ - works as it should. DV for Mandalorian


Many care about Apple TV (for the few things left to watch) as I was before having to use my iPad.  This is with a LG B7.

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Have you tried putting it in a barrel of rice? 


Edit: This is actually a serious suggestion, I just wondered whether this would help to extract the liquid (piss) like when you drop a mobile phone down bog or whatever (never done it). 

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Just to get this stream of consciousness back on track:





More new consoles sold than any prior generation, with Xbox Series S adding the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch


70 percent of Series X|S consoles are attached to new and existing Xbox Game Pass members


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7 hours ago, Yiggy said:


Same. I only did 5 mins but it looked shit. I will give it a go as I don't want to do it a dis-service and to try and justify my £25 impulse purchase. 

If you bought it digitally off the MS store you’ll likely still be able to get a refund (pretty sure you’ve got up to two hrs of playtime)  :).

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15 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Quick question. 


Do I need to do anything like a system transfer to use the external HDD with the 360 / XB1 games on the new Series S? Or can I just plug it in the box and sign in?

Plug it straight in, there's no issues. 

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Finally got my series S setup after a work week from hell.


Everything thrown at it super smooth (bar Disneyland Adventures, weirdly), the box is a nice size and is super quiet. Loading times are great.


I don't really have much issue with the disk size; I've two biggish Xbox One games on there and a whole bunch of indie and smaller games on there. Used to only really playing one major game at a time on Switch, so absolutely fine for me.


Controller feels cheap though, and batteries in 2020? I assume this is only because I'm in the potato edition.

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The only Xbox controller with a built in battery is the elite series 2. 


While I have an elite, I do actually quite like the feel of this new revision. In particular they've refined the bumpers to be more rounded and sit a little more nicely under the fingers and I like the textured elements on the triggers too.

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