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Xbox Series X | S

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2 minutes ago, NickC said:

Looks like I got one from Argos and one from Amazon, didn't mean to order two but I was clicking so many buttons! 


If they both come through I'll sell one on here at cost plus postage.


I'm in the same boat!

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I'm in the Game queue - 17 mins.


Smyths website has never given any indication that they actually want to sell any under All Access. Has said "Apologies, there are no Xbox Consolses available" since before 8am.

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3 minutes ago, Darren said:

I'm trying to order from MS' site and getting "You cannot send a product in your order to the selected country." What the hell?

Me too

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4 minutes ago, JoeK said:

I stopped myself at the Paypal page...my desires to buy a new GPU for the PC overcame my desire for something that actually took me through to the checkout ;)

I’ve preordered an X anyway in case the 3080 doesn’t come back in stock any time soon. If it’s back in before November 10th I’ll cancel the x preorder. 

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Managed to snag one from Microsoft's site. I folded and went with the X instead of the S in the end. See, they suckered me in and like buying a PC, I just couldn't help myself by 'Oh I'll just upgrade that bit'. Well played MS, I went from being ambivalent to jamming F5 every 5 seconds from 7.30AM.

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2 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

Amazon don't have the S and Argos has fallen over :/

Amazon were only putting up the XSX at 8:00, with the XSS and accessories being added throughout the day.


I'd try checking at 8:30 as the PS5 Digital Edition was listed a half hour later.

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