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Xbox Series X | S - 10th November

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1 minute ago, joffocakes said:

I dunno why they showed Ori side by side when the stream isn't 120fps.

I think the proper videos will be available after the show.

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I mean this looks really good and varied overall. And most uniquely every game on Gamepass? That’s quite a thing. 

I don’t understand the snarking. 

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I've just logged into YouTube and chose what appears to be the official stream, but there's two shilling twats with an Xbox branded cushion blabbing over it about how awesome every little thing is. Is there one without all their little 'insights'.


Example comment just now “Oooooooh Ninja Theory are the hottest thing in gaming right now!”over the actual game footage I actually want to listen to.

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1 minute ago, Uncle Nasty said:

Very weak so far.


Considering the hype, I was expecting more big hitters. Still plenty of time but yeah, I'm hoping they've rear loaded the show with the jaw droppers.

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Game made by a new dev with the best story tellers in the business!


Trailer contains this amazing line;

"All my life I was afraid of the dark and now I'm ready to step into the light"



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