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Harry Hill's World of TV

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This started a few week's back, but I only watched the first episode - on soaps - last night. If you enjoyed TV Burp, then this should be up your street as Harry gives commentary on a variety of shows.


The whole thing is pretty funny, but the Queen Vic burning down section, and the closing montage of soap Christmases had me in stitches. Awesome soundtrack choices for both. :lol:




Looking forward to the others now.

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The history one is amazing, the juxtaposition of the great Ken Clarke with Danny Dyer's own documentary efforts is the gift that keeps giving. Laugh out loud funny, though I wished it settled down sometimes and was a bit more straight up "history of TV" as some of the things he touches on are interesting. What happened to the food poising iron age settlement?:lol:



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The missus and me stumbled across this on iPlayer the other night. I thought she was going to swallow her tongue laughing during the soaps one. I was in tears at the 



Donald Trump cameo in Crossroads


The medical drama episode is good too. The history one was the weakest so far but still pretty funny.

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I caught this last night by accident, after Paul & Bob's lovely fishing programme and before Louis Theroux's interesting and quite genteel*  first of 4  retrospectives of his BBC stuff. 

*(not the Nazi/Skinheads bits)


While normally, I do like Harry Hill's TV stuff, I thought this was a bit badly scheduled to be on in between two much more thought provoking programmes. It was a bit jarring and I enjoyed it less because of that. 


Now I know I can basically schedule my own TV timeline with Iplayer etc. but I was just intending to have a lazy Sunday night in front of the telly. And it just struck me as a bit out of place.


Certainly nothing that I'll be contacting Points of View about though, just an observation. Wondering if anyone else noticed? 


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On 08/09/2020 at 14:28, FishyFish said:

Harry's lyrical version of the Emmerdale theme

I thought it was just me who made up lyrics, I'm glad harry is a fan. My favourite is singing "it's the news" to the Channel 4 news theme tune. Try it.

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I have the same problem with this as I did TV Burp, I just don't watch any of these programmes at all so beyond the major cultural behemoths I tend not to know what anyone's on about or who anybody is. It's still very funny, of course, I just wonder how many jokes I miss.



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On 16/09/2020 at 14:02, Hanzo the Razor said:

In these trying times this is a absolute treat. Line of Duty is ruined for me now :lol:

Line Of Duty was ruined for me when Dead Ringers described Steve as dressing and acting like a six year-old at a wedding.


Watched all four of these so far and they're great. I thought it would be all about newer shows and that I'd miss most of the jokes as I don't really watch the telly much, but thankfully it's all old stuff he references. Highlights include the medical rap, tape-lifting and inflammable pubs.

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On 14/09/2020 at 08:53, JohnC said:

Only saw the first so far. On the phone with young Ken Barlow, telling him he’ll still be there in 40 years. And spare a thought for whoever went through Eastenders for all those “2 cups of tea” clips. 

It’s the bit where a character asks for one tea; spots someone sitting forlornly at a table, then revises the order up to two teas. THAT is how you do comedy. :lol:

Loved the ending to the crime drama episode. Fiiiiiiiiight!

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