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Edge 350 | Spelunky 2


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Cover: Spelunky 2




Playing for Laughs: The comedic potential of videogames

King of the Castles: The story of Fall Guys

Making of: Formula 1

Studio Profile: Remedy

Time Extend: Quantum Break

The Long Game: Red Dead Online



Marvel’s Avengers

Cloud Gardens

Twin Mirror


Roller Drama


Gotham Knights

Baldur’s Gate III

Black Myth: Wu-Kong

Card Shark

Halo Infinite



Spelunky 2 - 9

MS Flight Simulator - 8

Hades - 9 

Spiritfarer - 6

Necrobarista - 7

Orcs Mist Die! 3 - 7

BPM: Bullets Per Minute - 7

Battletoads - 4

Moose Life - 8

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - 8

Rainy Season - 7


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2 minutes ago, dreamylittledream said:

It’s still in early access, 1.0 is due this Autumn so surprised they’ve reviewed it now unless they had the 1.0 code


Ooooooooooh, yes that's right. I think they said there'll be no more updates to it before 1.0 and it's fundamentally at the point 1.0 will be? I think I read that on the last update.


1.0 is due this month I think, so it could be they got the final build. In all honesty it's the most polished early access game I've ever played.

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19 minutes ago, Mr Combo Breaker said:

Battletoads about as good as the nes original then.

I'm playing it at the moment and it's just a bizarre game in a lot of ways. It feels almost like an early 2000s Sega game where you're constantly questioning just how it got made at all, especially by Microsoft of all companies. 


If Gamepass ends up with them making more kinda wild stuff like this then that'd be very cool. Even if Battletoads isn't great. 

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1 hour ago, Bojangle said:

Anyone know if the Hades review was the PC or Switch version? Bought the game way back when it came out on Epic and it was already well deserving of the 9 at that point. Curious how it plays on Switch, definitely double dip worthy if performance is decent!


Yeah same, I'll double dip when I know it doesn't suffer from the usual Switch port performance problems.

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2 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:

Orcs Must Die 3 is getting solid scores.  I love that series, it's such a pisser it's a Stadia exclusive. 


I've played a few hours. I'm a huge fan of the series but I'm not sure this version does much for me over the previous games. A lot of the additions seem to be focussed on multiplayer, to the detriment of the single player experience. The base game is pretty much identical to the last one, for good and for bad. Also, some of the levels are way too long in my opinion, especially if you fail toward the end and have to start from scratch.

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