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Will you buy Mario Kart Home Circuit?

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4 hours ago, Number 28 said:

The game part is hardly Last of Us 2?


My experience of rc cars makes me think it'll either have to be really slow to keep it playable, or the cars will spin off the track every five seconds.


No game is Last of Us 2.


It's a least a 1 2, switch though, and it didn't stop them then.

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20 hours ago, Ketchup said:


I wonder how bad a 4k camera and drone that is, presumably Nintendo's product will have been held to slightly different standards of how durability, etc? 


I would expect the Nintendo car to be quite robust and last for a while, that mini drone, I'd expect to get blown away by a light breeze, lightly touch a tree and shatter into a thousand pieces.  I have to say part of me is always tempted by these cheap drones, but then I think about what I've just typed. 


I don't actually think £100 for the game + peripheral is that much, but I also think that it'd probably cost them very little to include a second car. Obviously the purchase price needs to include the development of the software and the production of the car and obviously they've got an expectation of how many consumers are buying two cars, but I imagine hardly anyone is up for £200 to play Mario-drives-slowly-around-the-house-Kart so they could include a second car for not much more OR offer a twin pack for a bit extra.  


However, would more people be up for a pack with two cars for £125? Maybe not. 


No idea why I've just typed all that out, I think it's an interesting novelty, but I'm definitely not buying one. 

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2 hours ago, Flockheart said:

I don't think I'm planning on buying one but the new trailer makes them look better than I thought they would be (if the trailer can be believed): 



I think it makes it look much worse - it’s clearly apparent a) that both the real life and virtual cars crawl along, and b) there is a complete disconnect from the toy for the person racing.


Still, it will be fun for at least three minutes before buyers remorse sets in!

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When you're not dropping your own £100 for it I'm sure it would review well. 


I'm not angry it exists, in the same way I don't mind the Galaxy Fold phone existing for £2000. Great tech demo, which may have future uses. I just think the actual application of it will get old pretty quickly. First time you see your home from the kart camera angle it'll be cool, but the 10th time.... Colour me not convinced. 

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It’s like playing Mario Kart with the Stay Puft marshmallow man on the track. Barely managed to get it setup because of the levels of chaos, absolutely hilarious, it works amazingly well.

Even with the gates being moved about by dog / child.

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Bought the Mario pack from Argos and collected this morning. It’s a Christmas present for my son after I showed him the trailers on YouTube and he loved it. Thought might aswell purchase now as will no doubt be hard to get hold of as we get closer to Christmas. Great to see the positive feedback on here too. That’s Christmas Day fun and games sorted! :D

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