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NVIDIA GeForce 30-series: come for the lack of order updates and stock, stay for the fan discussion


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12 minutes ago, Wizcat said:

Can anyone quantify why EVGA are generally regarded as the 'go to' brand please?  Not sure whether to delay for decent benchmarks (and possibly for the Ryzen 4's) or just to gamble on whatever popular brand people are recommending, which seems to be EVGA for some reason?


It's mostly reputation from the US side of things that bleeds over here. They have some very good consumer friendly programs such as transferable warranty for second hand sales and their warranty being worldwide and can pay to extend it to 5 or even 10 years. In some cases can even use a step up program within 90 days where you can exchange to a higher released GPU and pay the difference.


BUT and this is a big but (hehe) - EVGA no longer have a UK RMA/support centre so if you buy one here you may need to return to Germany or wherever their EU support is based which could be a pain.


To my understanding Gigabyte and Zotac have UK based RMA - MSI/ASUS not sure.


Basically go with whatever brand gives you a good warranty - is the right price and if you have the luxury of reviews - says they do well. Usually the more expensive models are more for cooling/aesthetics/noise rather than performance.

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My current KFA2 2070 Super is the best overclocking card I ever owned. It looks awful, with its 'what's your game' logo, but clocks to 2080 speeds and never goes above 70 at load. 


My point I guess is that EVGA are rightly considered top tier, but if you aren't worried about aesthetics, don't turn your nose up at the budget options. 

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Nvidia gaming cards have a reputation as being pretty robust, to the point where Nvidia have tried to ban their own gaming GPU's from use in data centres in order to prevent them cannibalising sales of their 'professional' and wildly overpriced Quadro line. CG for film and TV is increasingly being rendered on farms using gaming GPU's not CPU's. 

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9 minutes ago, snowbind said:

The EVGA EU RMA is fine from within the UK. I sent my 1080ti to them and had a referb back within 7 working days. 


Nice - did you have to pay shipping? 


An interesting point will be how EU RMA's are handled after Brexit and if UK customs hold up stuff or even try charging fees through courier services. Otherwise I wouldn't normally make EU RMA be an issue but UK self inflicted headshot lol. I'm taking an EU gamble as I ordered a RTX 3080 Strix from Amazon FR.

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31 minutes ago, Opinionated Ham Scarecrow said:



Looks a bit pointlessly pricey, might just raid the lego box tbh!

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44 minutes ago, robdood said:

Hey @Lying Cat - where did you source those GPU support strut things you mentioned the other day?


This is the thing I got - https://amzn.to/2GUuzpU


It's smaller than you'd think. Looking at the image on Amazon, I was sure it was going to be the height of the case. It's also got a magnetised bottom to minimise sliding.

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1 hour ago, Uzi said:

I may get this to support a chonky AIB gpu if I get one




Shame about the branding - I keep seeing it as saying "Upyours"


If the stars align and I do the daft thing and buy the 3090, then I suspect that might come in useful...which reminds me that I probably should open up the case and just make sure it will fit in properly...


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4 hours ago, spanx said:

Can someone (re) post the Lego support? 

Here's a pic of it in its current optimal position:




3 hours ago, SharkyOB said:

Are these support things really necessary?!  I feel like I'm abusing my card now :blink:

Without the strut mine sags, which adversely affects the fan's performance (I can hear it ticking away because it's constantly catching something due to the angle of the sag), that of course affects cooling which affects the card's overall performance, as was proven in the benchmark score I posted way back. :)


Bear mind my card is a huge three-fan monster. Your 2070s should be fine. :) 

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