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Mike's Retro Fixing - Amiga/AES/Mega Drive/Saturn/Apple/Acorn/Atari


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3 hours ago, ucci said:

That Acorn is rather lovingly restored. Do you sell them on?


I have still got most of the things in this thread but have sold some of it when I ran out of things to tinker with (the Amiga 500 and 68k Macs have gone for example). I'm not sure what to do with the Acorn at the moment but will list it in the trading section if I do decide to sell it on.

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Acorn BBC Micro Model A


A few months later and I’ve had a bit of a clear out of stuff I have that is similar to other things and getting no use - the Amiga 2000 and Acorn 4000 have been sold and a load of accumulated spares have been moved on also. This meant that I had a bit of space freed up for another project, and fittingly (40th anniversary and all that) a BBC Micro appeared for a reasonable price on eBay so I bought it. 

I couldn’t see what expansion ports were present underneath, and I was hoping for a model B with a disk controller ideally so I could hook up my Gotek floppy emulator. Having arrived it’s apparent that I have a Model A that has been expanded to 32K and has had a joystick interface installed - it is completely unexpanded other than this, so cassette interface only for loading, composite video only, no serial port, no disk capability etc.


I have no idea if it works, and having opened it up for cleaning/inspection I noticed one of the filter capacitors on the power supply has failed (very common, generates smoke but doesn’t normally break anything) so am waiting for replacements before I switch it on. I’ve done the usual dismantle and scrub on it while I’m waiting and it’s in excellent condition. 


Here are some “before” pics, more to follow as I make up some cables and see if anything works…




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