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Apparently The Flash is going to be Affleck's last role as the DCEU's Batman, with Michael Keaton taking over the role for all subsequent pictures. Pattinson will continue to play The Batman in the standalone, non-DCEU series.


Which sounds ludicrous enough to actually be true?

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20 minutes ago, Broker said:

I don’t know, that sounds like quite a good decision, which wouldn’t be in keeping with the D.C. decision making process so far.


I think they may have turned a corner, from what I read they are also done with Synder after this HBO supercut is done with.

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Upcoming projects image from an AT&T investor presentation. Some DCEU, some Arrowverse, some animation.


Zatanna was rumoured to be a possibility but now confirmed for HBO Max. Seems unclear if it's a movie or TV show, but thought most likely to be the latter. The Batgirl movie will also be for HBO Max. I have no idea WTF Batwheels is. I'm just imagining a cartoon featuring anthropomorphic cars as Batman characters, but I'm probably wrong... I don't know about DMZ and it's super exciting logo either.



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Looks like nothing has been decided, publicly at least, for Pennyworth. But I think it's absence from that grid is for other reasons. All that stuff seems to be for WB or things WB are directly part of. Pennyworth is an Epix show and they have nothing to do with WB, apart from WB making the show for them.

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Pierce Brosnan has been cast to play Dr Fate in the Black Adam movie:


Reported by THR and confirmed by DC:





He's a magic character, broadly equivalent to Marvel's Dr Strange (when they did the DC Vs Marvel/Amalgam universe crossover in the '90s, the two characters were combined as Dr Strangefate).


He also has complicated and confusing links to Hawkman (who is going to be played by Aldis Hodge in Black Adam), and his relatives play an important role as one of the few direct links to the DC universe in Sandman.

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Or they could just as easily read it as “DC wasn’t where the money is, Zack Snyder was.” If the next slate of DC comics adaptations are $150m standalones and VDZS gets his billion dollar Ayn Rand franchise we’ll have our answer.

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2 hours ago, SaintAnselm said:

I have a real bad feeling with the cancellation of these two films and some of the good reviews the Synder cut received, DC are going to let him direct more films in their universe.

Nah ain't happening

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