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Football Thread 2020/2021

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1 hour ago, Gotters said:

Thats really not even a pen




This was the red card? Fucking hell. Doesn't even look a foul. He's not trying to tackle just chasing, if anything the Wolves player clips his heel on Luizs knee. 

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1 hour ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

I’m not going to pretend to understand the rules of football, but it sort of evens out for the booking Adama got for being fouled in the box in the reverse fixture. 

Neither do most refs now!

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Not that I think it would have made a difference cause United are battering them but what in the actual fuck is this being given offside for?


The line clearly shows all parts of his body he's legally allowed to score with are onside and behind 4 United players.


I fucking hate VAR, the people running it are an absolute joke. 




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I do wonder if this was what football was like when I was an impressionable youth rather than a locked in lifer if I’d actually even like it or dismiss it as a load of old bollocks like rugby or something. This season has been an absolute shambles.

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1 minute ago, neoELITE said:

8-0 :lol:


I always enjoy watching Southampton lose. That's a horrible scoreline though :ph34r:


How do you like 9-0?


Ralph Hasenhuttl is an excellent manager, but somehow he's been on the wrong side of that scoreline twice.

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