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Football Thread 2020/2021

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Not everything is down to club goggles. Can people not talk like adults in a football thread? 

I think it’s pretty obvious that he got smashed then lashed out when plain clothed officers tried to apprehend him. Should have put his hands up and said fair cop, I was a bit of a twat instead of concocting stories to save public face. Just makes you look worse. 

I think it’s ridiculous that these players are going in their usual summer breaks, they are millionaires I’m sure they could have a luxury break in the U.K. without the sunshine for a year. It’s hardly a sacrifice. I know they are travelling around the world with their clubs but these are under draconian restrictions. 

Surely clubs have advised their players to stay at home during their breaks? 

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1 hour ago, Marlowe said:


They were plain clothed officers speaking a language he didn't understand, it's easy to see how he had doubts if they were police given the situation leading up to it.


Has it been reported that the police were speaking in a language he didn't understand?


I would have thought the officers would be able to communicate in English. At least to communicate basic police commands, especially if they were able to say 'no more football; you won't play again'.

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If you have Netflix, look up “20 Anos Futbol De Primera”.


Basically 20 years of highlights from Argentina football starting in 1985. It is exactly how it sounds and is utterly mental.


Featuring Marcelo Biesla and a goalkeeper being interviewed on a stretcher.



He was injured after a homemade bomb had gone off in the dressing room!


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21 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

For Fantasy Football purposes, who will be the main wingbacks at the start of the season? Vinagre on the left while Jonny is out and ?? 

Vinagre and Adama at the moment unless we start Sanderson who did well at Cardiff last season. 

We also have Luke Mattherson who scored at old Trafford for Rochdale last season. 

Theres also a decent rumour we’re about to sign Argentina’s left back from Sporting. Forgot his name though. 

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152 FA Cup games played last night (the most games played in one competition in a single day, stat fans!)


Thats not weird, what’s weird is fans were allowed in. It was equally strange and refreshing seeing supporters in attendance. Although no distancing measures appeared in place. Feels... haphazard? Are only crowds below a certain number allowed to congregate?


*joke about the Etihad being open for the new season here*

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I thought there was a very prescriptive set of stages for test events on reduced capacity, distancing, arrival times etc that clubs had to go thru to be allowed to get people back in - with a max of around a third of normal capacity at present once you've gone thru the test events lower than that.

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